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Does Cambridge University Encourage Plagiarism by Guilt Neutralization?

Cambridge University, where Darwin The Plagiarist studied, is massively invested in the "Darwin Industry". Charles Darwin was an apex plagiarist and his Cambridge University pals actively helped him steal Patrick Matthew's theory (see Sutton 2022 for the empirical data facts of it). Cambridge University does not see plagiarism as particularly serious and fails to sack an "assprof" who massively plagiarized his student's work (Here). 


On the facts that the malicious activities of Dr Julian Derry and his pal Dr Joachim Dagg and are now recorded in a legal dossier that is circulating Here

Archived here

You may or may not have heard of Kuhn's Paradigm Change Cycle dear reader. If you have then you will know that it is widely accepted in academia as veracious in terms of what generally tends to happen when painfully true newly unearthed data upsets the beliefs of those pseudo scientists and other fools who hold true only to mere beloved beliefs about science.

Currently the Darwin and Patrick Matthew Wikipedia pages are dominated by blatant fact denial Darwin superfans publishing complete and very silly falsehoods and other deliberatley misleading mischievous misrepresentations of empirical research findings - all published there by known fanatical members of the so-called "Darwin Industry". Only days after the publication of "Science Fraud" the Wikipedia page for Patrick Matthew publishes links to the cultish and fact denial blog site of George Beccaloni an employee of the Darwin Trust. Read the details, get the links and full shocking background to this story Here. And archived Here

Welcome to the strangest area of this website. This page serves simply as a fully evidenced record of how some Darwin fans have reacted towards me for uncovering the new data on Darwin, Matthew and Wallace; data they clearly deeply despise. This page tells a story that should not be ignored. It is an old yet fully evidenced story. It is one that is forever repeating itself in terms of what happens when independently verifiable newly discovered facts hit a wall of disbelief put up by those completely and irrationally wedded to the newly debunked fallacies in their beloved textbooks.

If ever you doubted the claims made by proper academics that Wikipedia is the world’s worst encyclopedia full of fake news and bogus, biased claims made by dishonest fabricating fanatics who've found their niche amongst cultish, obtuse, idiots, then please read on.

Examining the archived  Wikipedia page on Patrick Matthew you’ll find the most hilarious endlessly obsessive nonsense written - mostly by the whack job obsessed stalker who deals in Darwin Monkey models for a living (here) pretends to be professionally affiliated to Edinburgh University (but isn't) Julian Derry.

Desperate Derry repeatedly and credulously cites his own non-peer reviewed fabricated malicious obsessive fact-denial pseudoscience revisonist history claptrap along with the ludicrous non-peer reviwed fabricated malicious falsehoods written by Darwin fanatic Dr Dagg on his mere blog site. Dagg jealously and blatantly plagiarised (see the facts here) my original (first published in 2014) bombshell discovery that Wallace's Sarawak paper editor Selby, in 1842, cited Matthew's (1831) book and the bombshell ideas in it before either Darwin or Wallace so much as put pencil to private notepad on the topic of evolution by natural selection.

Here Derry is now publishing an official NTU letter to him about his malicious stalking of academics https://mrsuttonntu.wordpress.com/2018/09/17/concordat/

Archived: https://archive.ph/MI9nD

The image below is of a typical cyberstalking harassment comment from Derry,  posted on the Daily Journalist site, and my response to it - directing readers to this very archive for those interested in studying cyberstalkers and other obsessive deranged weirdos. (Archived here). And here is more obsessive and seemingly seriously mentally ill nonsense from his deranged with jealousy cyberstalking blog site. And HERE he harasses (criminally cyberstalks by proxy) staff at NTU and anyone else he knows who has had anything to do with me.  


Moving on to Derry's equally sad friend.  Below is a screenshot image of Dagg's typical malicious and jealous review of my book "Nullious in Verba" from Amazon.co.uk. Dagg The Plagiarist  lies by claiming my book does not cite the List 2 sources of who was apparently first to be second in published print with apparently unique terms and phrases in Matthew's (1831) book. In reality, all the sources were read. To easily prove it, all are fully, academically, cited using full Harvard style references in the book. What I do in my book in that particular regard is to simply reveal who used the apparently original Matthewism and where. From there, I write that these people were - it is clearly stated as hypothesised - more likely than not influenced in some way, from either reading Matthew's book themselves or else in conversation - or else in correspondence - with someone who had prior read Matthew (1831). In other words that some kind of 'knowledge contamination' probably occured.

Now, turning back to Selby as just one example of Dagg's desperate attemps to bury the facts under a dung heap of his own sly jealousy, malicious plagiarism of my unique - prior published in 2014 - Selby (1842) cited Matthew (1831) discovey in the Linnean Journal (here) - his other falsehoods and pseudoscholarship, please note that Selby, was also a friend of Charles Darwin's father, Darwin’s great friend Jenyns, and many other naturalists closely connected to Darwin and Wallace pre 1858! No wonder these nasty and pathetically jealous dishonestlittle idiots want to hide the facts about Selby and who discovered them. 

By way of yet another example amongst all of Derry and Dagg's totally fabricated lying nonsense on this Wikipedia page about me mistaking things for things they are not, Dagg the Plagiarist wrongly claims (because he makes a habit of being either dishonest, fraudulent, or plain wrong throughout his idiotic Darwin deification work) that I made a mistake in discovering a Matthewism later used by Selby. Dagg, cited on it in Wikipedia by his co-nutter, academic failure and obsessive Wikipedia editor, Derry, wrongly co-claims Selby did not even use the term "greater power of occupancy". Dagg systematically fails to understand, or perhaps just stupidly dishonestly pretends he doesn't have the gumption to understand (in the way some immature  teenagers and some adults with intellectual/learning difficulty disabilities behave), what my research finding of who is apparently first to be second with a phrase or term means and how I have interpreted and very clearly and fully explained it (Dagg's typical intellectually challenged stupidity is archived here).

That Wikipedia, falsehood, and typical utter nonsense, invented

by Dagg inside his own little shrunken head and put on Wikipedia by his dysological and similarly "pseudo-science gifted" pal Derry is archived (here).

In reality, the fact is that I originally found Selby was apparently first to be second with that exact term in published print. The image below is of my List 2 published in my 500 page e-book (Sutton 2014) Nullius in Verba: Darwin's greatest secret.

That blatant lie that Selby never used the term 'greater power of occupancy' is just one amongst all of Dagg and Derry's idiotic fact denial falsehoods. Because you can independently verify here that it is used in the very source I cite in my e.book along with an image of the term in my e-book on my Kindle. Click here to see that the term IS in Selby's (1842) book A History of British Forest-trees: Indigenous and Introduced, on page 391.

If in any doubt that J F Derry is a psychopathic idiot in need of a padded cell and straight jacket for his own good click here to read his mad malicious and delusional obsessive childish idiocy. The poor deranged twerp. 

Most importantly, in support of the First To Be Second hypothesis - Selby also cited Matthew't (1831) book many times in his own book of 1842 - before he went on to edit the journal that published Wallaces (1855) Sarawak paper, that was read by Darwin before his plagiarism of 1858 (with Wallace) and the  publication of his Origin of Species (1859).

The Wikipedia Matthew  page also cites a totally disingenuous fact denial and Darwin rambling desperate deification tract written by Malec, but fails to cite my fact-based refutation response to Malec's disingenuous nonsense in the very same journal (here). (archived here). How misleading is that?

Wikipedia has done the world a great service in allowing these Darwin worshiping morons to edit its page with their comprehensive dog’s breakfast fake facts malicious attack on the discoverer of painful and independently verifiable truths. They have provided the world with wonderfully concentrated proof of just how useless, dishonest, biased, and fraudulent, Wikipedia is.

Professor Nathaniel Comfort calls expert peer reviewed paper on the new data (of which he was ignorant) an ignorant piece of crap. How ironic. Archived evidence https://archive.is/7g6W6

Available on Amazon: Here

Available directly from the science publisher Curtis Press Here

Typical obscene misogynistic, coupled with weirdly nasty psychological projection notions of anal penetration rape, abuse from the obsessive, ravingly malicious cyberstalker, Charles Darwin worshipper - and prolific Wikipedia editor of their Patrick Matthew and Dr Mike Sutton pages - J. F Derry, who makes on and off fake claims to be officially professionally affiliated, albeit in alternate ways depending on the website used, to Edinburgh University e.g.  http://archive.is/My890 (checked September 7th 2018).

WARNING this delusional, "New Data" hater  malicious, cyberstalker, harassing individual is NOT professionally affiliated with Edinburgh University at all! This was confirmed by Edinburgh University in correspondence with the legal department of Nottingham Trent Univerity following Derry's maliciousworkplace cyberstalking and poison pen email harassment of my co-author, colleague and close friend Professer Mark Griffiths.

You can see a whole raft of additional insane stalking nonsense from the Wikipedia Editor Desperate Derry on this page. Here is a foul taster (archived). Derry also has what appears to be a serious psychopathic problem with projecting his own nasty behaviour and sadly deranged state of mind onto others - fully evidenced (Here) for academic researchers.

The demented and obsessive Julian Derry attracts a number of people, rather like him, to his insane Trumpesque alternate reality, fake history, cause.

Here are just three examples of a Darwin Day celebration Tweet from a similar abusive Darwin fanatic:




"Agnes Arber’s insight that “the general intellectual atmosphere of any given moment has an effect upon this history [of science] which is compulsive to a humiliating degree … we are always too much bedazzled by contemporaneity [to notice the tyranny of the Zeitgeist]"

                                        From "A Short but Full Book on                                            Darwin’s Racism" by Leon Zitzer.

Above , you can see an image (screenshot) taken on my laptop on 18.08.2018. It is of text written by J. F Derry (a prolific weirdo cyberstalker who is so obsessed with me and my research that he weirdly follows me all over the Internet and writes endless nasty, dishonestly desperate, and in many other ways very deeply disturbed, harassment emails to my friends, associates, journal editors of all my peer reviewed articles on Darwin and to my university colleagues). I have many of the emails he has sent, for example to Andy Sutton (not a relative of mine despite having the same surname) , the cover desgner of my book. He has criminally harassed me by contacting this university colleague and close friend of many years on Andy's university email account - with weirdo juvenile snivelling nonsnese about his (Derry's) childhood, obsession with the band Yes, and referring to me as a "shit of the highest order" -  amongst so much other embarassingly deranged nonsense. He clearly needs significant help - in my opinion. 

Other nutjob weirdo comments by Deranged Derry and my replies can be found on ListVerse in an article about Darwin (here).

Towards the bottom of this page, you are currently reading, on Patrick Matthew.com you can read more about Derry's nasty stalking (as facilitated, for example by Darwin worshipping cultists on Wikipedia) and generally delusional harassment activities and those of his friends. In the example below he claims I lie in writing that he was unaffiliated (dismissed) from Edinburgh University for his harassment and stalking of those associated with my peer reviewed published work. That I am not lying is to be found quite clearly in his own published words on this very topic, archived from the Times Higher Education website. Because, in his own words, Derry admits he was officially rendered unaffiliated - and he clearly thinks (when I write “think” I mean it is just another of Derry's weird thoughts) that I am to blame. You can see the proof by clicking the archive of the TES here where we plainly see that he writes on 5th April 2018:

"I had been affiliated with the University of Edinburgh for nigh on a quarter of a century, when I first told you that you have not proven anything, in 2013 and subsequently when you manufactured a complaint to be made to my head of department in 2016. The only reason I am not currently affiliated is because of your duplicity."

That (above) text by Derry - apparently (in my opinion) revealing he is either delusional, a pathological liar or both - is cut and pasted here from the published archive of the TES magazine website.

As with all Darwin superfan footwashers and worshipers, Derry demonstrates that he seemingly hates independently verifiable published data that disturbs the rabid and fevered lead eating squirrel, which serves as his brain. His nutty obsession with attempting to keep up the old illusion created by Darwin's and Wallace's newly proven and expert peer reviewed science fraud plagiary and glory theiving lies is perhaps no better demonstrated by his typically weird harassment and squirrely stalkerish, actuality denial, contributions to the PubPeer website. The fact Wikipedia allows this obsessed weirdo to publish his fact denial nonsense and obsessive falsehoods on its Patrick Matthew page simply confirms what proper academics know. Wikipedia is reliable only for its reliable unreliability, bias and falsehoods dressed up as facts.

As you can read directly below, in Derry's tyical jealously malicious, deeply disturbed, muddled self-contradicting nonsense from the PubPeer site, he is abusing that facility to continue his raving bonkers stalker campaign and ongoing years of harassment of Distinguished Professor Dr Mark Griffiths via a stream of unending demented emails etc to his university, academic scholalry publishers, and collegues.

Read the details of disgraceful anti-science fact denial, plagiarism, fake book reviews and workplace malicious harassment misconduct from Darwin's 'Lads' HERE

Image below is of total evidence of Derry's behaviour in Listverse, which is shown in the image above from in August 2018. Screenshot image below is of TES website here of earlier published comment written by Derry in April 2018 where he is admitting he was effectively dismissed (unafilliated / dissociated) from Edinburgh University and that he blames me for that. Derry is, of course, deluded. I have never reported anyone to their employer for anything, not ever about anything. When asked by others in Scotland, people who he was constantly harassing about my peer reviewed published research, I counselled that he not be reported, because I felt sorry for him. However, they were so harassed by his endless nasty behaviour that they reported him.

I have been sent many emails about this sad and profoundly obsessed character and what he gets up to with his poison pen email and social media message abuse. For example, here is his proven comment (again as a screenshot), sent to me in an email by the website from where he posted it. This is typical abuse by Derry. He stalks me wherever I go on the internet and arrives spewing weirdly bitter garbage. I think he needs help.

To necessarily repeat the point that he is disseminating falsehoods, we have seen the 100% proof, fully referenced and independently verifiable, that Derry earlier wrote the exact oposite and published it in one of his arguably barking mad stalker posts online:

"I had been affiliated with the University of Edinburgh for nigh on a quarter of a century, when I first told you that you have not proven anything, in 2013 and subsequently when you manufactured a complaint to be made to my head of department in 2016. The only reason I am not currently affiliated is because of your duplicity."

The big thing about any published words is that they can be captured and, just like fossils in the geological record support the theory of evolution, reveal what people actually do, as opposed to the tall tales they tell elsewhere.

The images below, clipped from full screenshots, were taken in August 2018. Both, taken from networking and employment prospecting websites Linkedin and Academia.edu, show (see my added arrows) Derry claiming to be currently, at the time they were taken, associated professionally with Edinburgh University.



Solver of the problem of species

In 1831, the Scottish laird, farmer, orchard owner, grain dealer and botanist, Patrick Matthew, authored 'On Naval Timber and Arboriculture.'  Matthew's book is universally recognised as the first publication to contain the complete hypothesis of the theory of natural selection. New evidence proves that both Darwin and Wallace lied by pretending they had no prior-knowledge of it; both committed science fraud by plagiarising Matthew's discovery, his name for it, his examples of the process in nature compared to culture. They even ripped-off his unique creative perspective.

Nullius in Verba: Darwin's greatest secret 600-page Kindle e-book. Currently unavailable due to ongoing investigations into criminal book piracy, copyright fraud, cyberstalking, criminal malicious communications, malware dissemination and ID fraud by cybercriminals who have hacked it and other criminals who are disseminating the illegal hacked files.

From November 2017, you are advised not to download any version of this e-book, because the illegal hacked file is likely to be infected with hacker malware by those sharing and disseminating it. Moreover, the content of the criminally hacked and disseminated file is likley to have been altered by the criminals involved.

Please purchase the official paperback abridged version from Amazon here. Paperback volumes 2 and 3 are forthcoming. Available only from all Amazon sites, good Bricks and Mortar Bookshops and Libraries World Wide. Bogus fake versions are being sold on various other websites online by criminal book pirates and identity fraudsters

Double-click here to add your own text.

The 2014 1st edition Kindle edition of Nullius in Verba: Darwin's greatest secret is currently unavailable. I retain the full copyright. The original publisher Thinker Media ceased trading in December 2017.

Please note that fake grass roots (astroturfing) agenda editor "mythmonger" trolls on Wikipedia are at it once again. They were caught out recently in a live experiment (here), which proved they were with malicious and maelevolent intent serially and deliberately deleting facts, and then lying to claim the 19th century publications of them did not even exist, simply because those uncomfortable 'New Data' facts disconfirmed the childish Darwinite comforter myth, started by Darwin as a proven deliberate lie (see Sutton 2015) and credulously parroted by Darwin scholars for 155 years, that no one read or understood Patrick Matthew's prior-published theory of natural selection before Darwin and Wallace replicated it. The verifiable fact of what was written in that review proves also that Matthew's breakthrough was considered heretical, because the 19th century reviewer implored readers not to even think about it. Matthew told Darwin, in his second letter published in the Gardener's Chronicle in 1860, of a professor of an esteemed university who feared pillory punishment should he teach or otherwise disseminate Matthew's (1831) prior-published discovery of the 'natural process of selection'. All of these facts, with full citations to their publication source in the 19th century literature record can be found in my book (Sutton 2017) here. Wikipedia editors have a long history of disgraceful pseudo scholarly behaviour. For example, back 2013 they stealthily plagiarised both my selfish gene myth bust and presented it as their own discovery. When challenged, they defended that behaviour using two totally childish and irrational arguments (1) that experts are scum and (2) that the professionally run and moderated site that published my original discovery, and from where they stole it, is an unreliable source! Here is the fully archived proof of it.

In January 2018, Wikipedia editors irrationally seek to imply on their page about me that 'Nullius' was self-published on grounds that the professional publishing house's, Thinker Media's, own website is an unreliable source of its own existence and publications! That nonsense, most amusingly, is, in my opinion, analogously very similar to desperate 'uncomfortable de facto fact denial' reasoning adopted by Darwinites who claim (e.g. Norman 2013) that Darwin and Wallace were wrong to admit that Matthew conceived the entire theory of evolution by natural selection before they replicated it and claimed it as their own. As though these modern Darwin scholars are more expert on knowledge of what is in Darwin's own 'Origin of Species' than Darwin was himself! Despite such typical fact denial nonsense, the proof my e-book was professionally published by Thinker Books of Thinker Media is reliably archived here and here. It is also listed by publisher on Irep (which is thoroughly validated): Here (Irep page archived: here). Goodreads software identifies the book to its ISBN and publisher here.

Precisely for reasons such as this kind of deliberate editorial agenda-driven dishonesty, and other incompetent unreliabilty of Wikipedia editors, all universities world-wide declare Wikipedia an unreliable - and not to be trusted - source of anything other than the fact it is most ironically reliably proven to be an unreliable source. Wikipedia's laughably desperate Patrick Matthew page can be seen archived in April 2018 here.

Scroll to the bottom of this page for detailed information about the activities both on and off Wikipedia of the editors of their Patrick Matthew page. That Wikipedia page is currently completely misleading the public about what has newly been discovered and published in books and peer reviewed academic journals. Wikipedia is arguing instead with mere opinionated, factually incorrect and fact denial claims made by its Darwin superfan editors, their friend's personal pseudo scholarly polemical blog sites and claimed private email communications. All that ridiculously biased agenda driven behaviour is contrary to claimed protocols and rules of Wikipedia. Yet in this case, Wikipedia's own rules are consistently being ignored. The telling question is why?

At the time of writing, the Wikipedia Patrick Matthew page cites a dreadfully misleading review of my (2014) book Nullius in Verba: Darwin's greatest secret to support the claims of its editors. The review is by Grzegorz Malec (2015). However, with typical "Darwin Lobby" bias, Wikipedia does not cite my published reply in the same journal as that review (Sutton 2015), presumably simply because my published right of reply completely refutes, with reason and independently verifiable evidence, all but one genuine, and acknowledged as useful, claim in that review.

Dealing with biased and corruptly malicious and malevolent Wikipedians and their editors is like playing Whac-a-mole. In my opinion, it is better to do what professors Ben-Yehuda and Oliver-Lumerman have done, which is to publish in scholarly publications links to allow readers to see exactly what Wikipedia editors are up to. On which note, those two highly respected academics, Professor Nachman Ben-Yehuda and Amalya Oliver-Lumerman, in their 2017 book 'Fraud and Misconduct in Research: Detection, investigation and organizational response (here), note that the Wikipedia page about me reveals the backlash against the facts published in the first edition e-book of 'Nullius' (for proper academic reference purposes, page details and full quotations of what they have written in their book on this precise topic is available on a PDF file here).

Please also note that the Wikipedia page about me gets the facts totally wrong about my life and work in so many ways (they just make stuff up like ne'er-do-well pseudoscholars always do) you should visit my official,  "academic bragging rights", page for the actual facts (here). Moreover, on the Patrick Matthew page, in a long history of publishing the most incredible and easy to detect malicious falsehoods, Wikipedia currently publishes the lie (even though the lie has been "whack-a-mole" corrected countless times with full citation to the independently verifiable facts) that my peer-reviewed British Society of Criminology paper was not peer reviewed. The fact that it in fact most certainly was peer reviewed - as dishonest Wikipedia editors know very well because they have published the truth of it in the past (see the archived history page of edits on the Wikipedia page in question - here) - is proven by what the British Society of Criminology Journal's Editor wrote on that very topic in the British Society of Criminology's online journal:  here (also archived), where the article on Darwin's BigData detected plagiarism and lies (Sutton 2014) can be found.

This webpage has many archived links to Dr Derry's insanely jealous harassment cyberstalking. Here is a typical one: http://archive.is/mg2Cg

In actual point of fact: "In 2014 the British Society of Criminology Conference was hosted by the University of Liverpool. Held from 9th to 12th

July the conference had the title “Crime, Justice, Welfare: Can the Metropole Listen?”. Sixteen papers were submitted to this conference journal, with five being accepted for publication. The journal has a rigorous peer-review process but (hopefully) a sympathetic approach to authors – especially early career and postgraduate authors – with helpful feedback and advice. I am hugely indebted to the editorial board, the various reviewers and the authors for making this journal a success in a very tight timetable." (archived here)

                                       Professor Andrew Millie (Edge Hill University).

My British Society of Criminology (BSC) paper (Sutton 2014) 'The hi-tech detection of Darwin’s and Wallace’s possible science fraud: Big data criminology re-writes the history of contested discovery' (here), was in fact anonymously peer reviewed by two experts in the field - exactly as one would expect from a prestigious academic organization such as the BSC. I know this simply because I had to revise the paper quite considerably according to their comments and expert recommendations. Of course, the "Darwin-Lobby" agenda editors on Wikipedia clearly don't like this fact and, as in so many other areas of the story of Darwin and Matthew, they are, it certainly appears if they are not simply deliberately lying, in a fact denying 'state of denial' (Cohen 2000), which is a sociological and psychological condition, akin to cognitive dissonance that is well understood by all good scientists, sociologists, criminologists and psychologists. The motive for this behaviour is clear. It is simply because the original and independently verifiable 'New Data' in this paper proves that Darwin lied about who he knew had read Matthew's (1831) breakthrough. The paper further proves that those who did read that breakthrough before Darwin and Wallace replicated it, played major roles at the epicentre of influence on their subsequent replicating work, which Darwin and Wallace each claimed as their own dually independent conceptions.  As the title of the paper says, the verifiable original facts in it re-write the history of discovery of the unifying theory of biology and condemn Darwin and Wallace as plagiarising science fraudsters by glory theft of Matthew's bombshell breakthrough.

In their (2017) excellent book, 'Fraud and Misconduct in Research: Detection and Organizational Response', Professors Ben-Yeuda and Oliver Lumerman (2017. pp. 20, 174, 217, 232) write about my original (Sutton 2014) research discoveries: 

'Mike Sutton, a criminologist, who relied on text-mining software to claim in an e-book he published in 2014 (Nullius in Verba: Darwin’s Greatest Secret) that Charles Darwin and Alfred Wallace plagiarized the theory of natural selection from Scottish naturalist Patrick Matthew.  This claim—as could be expected—created much turmoil and remained controversial.3’

3. For a concise review see https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mike_Sutton_(criminologist)'

‘French astronomer Pierre-Simon, Marquis de Laplace was suspected of stealing ideas “outrageously, right and left, whenever he could,” and German mathematician Gottfried Wilhelm von Leibniz was also suspected of similar acts. Italian physicist and astronomer Galileo Galilei was said to “shamelessly” have stolen ideas from German astronomer Johannes Kepler and others. Likewise, Graeco-Egyptian mathematician and astronomer Claudius Ptolemy, as well as Dalton, Lavoisier, and Pascal, may have all been involved, and possibly guilty of, some form of deceit in their work. 80

80. Given Sutton’s previously mentioned work, Darwin may have to be added to this list’

I have no immediate plans to have my e-book re-published as an e-book. That is because Kindle has been hacked and my original e-book has been illegally pirated online. Instead, the immediate plan is to publish the book in three paperback volumes. Vol. 1 was published in August 2017. It is available on all Amazon sites worldwide and from all libraries and good bookshops. Volumes 2 and 3 will follow eventually. The review information below is for historical purposes and relates only to the original e-book. Reviews of vol. 1 in paperback can be found on Amazom.co.uk and Amazon.com

Screenshot below (taken on 24/01/2018) of several Wikipedia falsehoods being published and disseminated about me and my scholarly research publications on their Patrick Matthew page. This fallacious comment, like many others on that page and on Wikipedia's Mike Sutton (Criminologist) page has been written by Julian Derry, who is a malicious and obscene harassing, cyberstalker, dismissed by Edinburgh University for harassing those associated with my research findings. His own comments reveal that he delusionally blames me (see THES comments section) for his dismissal. More on Derry's harassment and that of his associates can be found below, on this page.

J.F. Derry, who is a prolific Wikipedia editor, cyberstalker and absolute raving looney in need of serious professional help, is abusing himself online (e.g. here)

PatrickMatthew.com HISTORIC PAGE

Astoundingly, George Beccaloni, Curator of the Wallace Collection at the Natural History Museum, London, claimed to review my book, even though he had failed to disclose that he had not even read it. No wonder he got the facts that in my book all muddled up and failed to understand the notion of "knowledge contamination". My Publisher Bob Butler of Thinker Media Books was so incensed by the deceit that he pursued Beccaloni - who only then admitted in full view on social media he had not even read my book despite having rejected what he had not even read in it:  Here. ( and archived Here). As can be seen in his exchange with the respected professional publisher of long standing,  Bob Butler, Beccaloni weirdly thinks, once cornered and confronted with his deception, that his mere knowledge belief that he "knows" the facts he has never read and is unaware of are not there is some kind of legitimate excuse for his biased and unscientific behaviour. I see that in 2020 Becalloni is currently employed by the Charles Darwin Trust. That's a good position for one of "The Lads".

There Is No Darwin's Secret. A review in the science journal  'Philisophical Aspects of Origin' by Grzegorz Malec - Here.

Note: I have considerable serious concerns about Malec's review being patently disingenuously misleading at the highest level because it is published in a science journal, whch lends it a degree of undeserved gravitas. I have raised these issues with the author and have been granted a full right of reply. My right of reply by way of a published response to Malec's review is Here

That said, you will see also that Malec does disprove one very small point in the book. Good! Bravo for that useful academic mercy.

Book review of 'Nullius' by Dutch historian of scienceTon Munnich: Here 

An anonymously authored commentary for Nullius in Verba the book.

Please note, this Amazon book review of the 2014 e-book of Nullius, (which is curently no longer for sale following the publisher's business closure) penned by the same author, is archived here

This book is for those who like intrigue and deception novels. In a story where context is key, there is something of interest for everyone, linguists, scientists, gardeners and the greater general public!

Premise: This book explores the bitter virtues of making a discovery, and the protection of it and its discoverer, over the issues of context surrounding the knowledge of it by a subsequent (in time) discoverer of the same discovery. This book, in part, charts a story of another who uncovered a wrong-doing before Sutton’s investigation began. And although due diligence was applied by the former investigator, and injustice and fallacies were exposed to the best of his ability, from the middle of the twentieth century to 2008 his published findings were soundly ‘stomped on’ by the scientific elite. But the story will not lie down and die. Sutton has courageously picked up and run with the baton and given life again to this story of abuse and he will be the one to preside over its dénouement.

A genuine and unique scientific discovery of such a magnitude as to change the course of scientific knowledge does not happen often and may only happen to an individual capable of making such a discovery once in his or her lifetime. This is the reason for the codification of the scientific rules and recording of the conventions of priority, described in Chapter 11, which define the credit given by other influential scientists to the person or group who made the discovery. And priority of discovery transcends the populist theory of context, or the times and influences under which he, she or they worked. Through careful use of excerpts from letters from verifiable sources, Sutton’s discourse tells the story behind one such contextual claim and the discrimination and unfairness of treatment for the original discoverer at the hands of his peer scientists.

The question is posed…Why defend such a scurrilous practice? And why does it still happen today?

Riveting in contextual and statistical evidence, Sutton’s book is a must-read for anyone in any field who suffers from injustice at the hands of their peers.

Nullius in Verba tells the story of the finding and further collation of an overwhelming quantity of incriminating facts and statistics, adding to the prior damning evidence already collated, to further dash the unjust claimant, the perpetrator, and by the power of the ‘World Wide Web’, gifted to us by the celebrated Tim Berners-Lee, along with one of its search engines, Google, expertly queried and questioned by the present author who devised his own techniques to exploit a research method that he has dubbed ‘Internet-Date-Detection or ID, to reveal many more incriminating facts, fallacies, myths and lies from published sources which have led to the debunking of a London-based priority claim. A full 28 years beforehand, Patrick Matthew had published, and gifted to us, his ground-breaking theory of ‘the natural process of selection’, in his book, On Naval Timber and Arboriculture.

Throughout the ebook, Sutton asks many questions about why Patrick Matthew has suffered anonymity through malicious myth-making by his peers during his lifetime,  and those men of science who continue to refuse him satisfaction today.

Sutton skilfully sets the scene in context and in time when this myth was formulated by a crafty mind. He makes it very clear that there is absolutely no evidence for a conspiracy or associated theory for such a myth. Instead, he gives us an everyday and plausible explanation of taboo, political and scientific prejudice, religious intolerance, biased and immensely loyal friendship networks. Famous names of men of science of that time are intertwined with the one man whose name has become synonymous with another man’s discovery right up to the present day… London’s smog has become a pong.

The replicator of Matthew’s work is exposed through Sutton’s evidence supporting ‘beyond all reasonable doubt’ his claim in favour of Matthew, the originator.

Sutton documents his research method, Internet-Date-Detection, and sets forth the explanation that accounts for the sinking of the Matthew barque of knowledge. Sutton champions the story of a predecessor’s wake for Patrick Matthew’s ‘prior discovery’ proving that the perpetrator gave the originator the ‘mutually approved status of obscure curiosity’ (Sutton, 2014). But such ‘objets d’art’ have ways of revealing themselves as collectors’ items!

‘Level’ by ‘Level’ of a well-thought through schematic of attack, Sutton uncovers the systemic cover-up using the ‘first to second-publish’ hypothesis.

By caveat emptor, Sutton announces potential unreliability in his ID analysis. But by graduated change in coding, Sutton’s confidence in his method returns.

In a statement of prediction, Sutton warns that ‘All potential plagiarists need to be reminded that their reputations may be destroyed either while they live and/or after they die.’ Sutton invites you to enter a phase of educating the mind, that of ‘think for yourself’, like never before. And look for yourself in ways never before imaginable.

Dysology, a term invented by Sutton, describes the false understanding that a claim that the fault lies with the originator for his failure to convince another of his/her discovery, opens this up to others in the field and it, therefore, cannot be named plagiarism ‘to disseminate amid ‘myths and fallacies’, the baby, ‘an original thought’, as that other’s own.

Maybe Sutton hits on a valid point that global society was not ready for an explanation of our origination except, that is, when you – if you are a replicator -  ‘forget’ to cite your sources!

Sutton uses the issue here as a reveille to decompose, by comparative framework, for the purpose of identification of primacy, historical literature, published and unpublished, the data, wherein an author first coins a phrase or word.  He also plumbs the depths even further and deeper than before of the disgraceful use of networking for personal and social gain at the time of the subject of his e-book.

Sutton’s big analysis-reveal begins with the beginnings of this evidence-based story of a cover-up of a century and a half, packed with well-researched detail, he masterfully brings it to light for all the world to see, and fear, and remember when writing their own University papers, lest they be discovered also.

The late 1800s was a time when gentlemen still fought duels, outlawed by law, but where satisfaction was held by codes of honour; their rules of combat were agreed between the two adversaries in a meeting that took place prior to the event. The most recent discoveries in this new 21st century of ours, of sensational impact in this current story, indicate that for those men of science it was as if the perpetrator ‘had been missed off their inclusive meeting agendas’.

Sutton’s comparative framework discusses the idea of primacy for the issue of the development of the hypothesis which is here continued with most accurate revelations from letters written by the perpetrator’s contemporaries and subsequent science-field ‘prop forwards’: Grave warnings are issued.

The replicator chose a populist style as times they were a-changing in the late 19th Century. It was necessary to find a style of writing that would be accessible to all and in the perpetrator’s own hand it is written thus of a publication by a contemporary:

“The work, from its powerful and brilliant style, …  immediately had a very wide circulation. In my opinion it has done excellent service in calling in this country attention to the subject, in removing prejudice, and in thus preparing the ground for the reception of analogous views.” (‘the perpetrator’,  in Sutton, 2014).

Sutton adopts the populist style in ‘Nullius in Verba’, and swoops in with an incisive dart to the system of the scientists and symbolizes how a hypothesis is made by one and evidenced by others using the conquest of the populist-known “God particle” of recent times.

The growing circumstantial evidence was compelling prior to Sutton’s deft analysis using his Internet-Date-Detection method which has revealed so much more fact-based evidence to support his current call to action.

Sutton forcefully concludes that ‘letting scholars get away with publishing fallacies and myths signals to others the existence of topics where guardians of good scholarship might be less capable than elsewhere.’ (Sutton, 2014).

Setting the scene where the dreadful deed is begun, vastly increasing research compiled from the mid 1980s to 2008, Sutton’s own research and ID results are brought in line to expose a storyline which would befit a truly great comedy of errors. Sutton explains that ‘potential interest in truth does not trump current comfortable fascination with the subject matter it disproves.’ (Sutton, 2014). The scissors are snipping already at the rocks and papers of the once-revered, even through the smog of distortion.

So, Sutton’s subtle reminder in his ‘first to second-publish’ research is to show us one of the greatest scams of all which, through the adjunct of mutation, has been hailed as beckoning in a new era of understanding in the scientific field. Sutton has shown it up to be a mere ‘Placeholder’ in the ‘Hidden Text’ of a ‘Merge Field’ that returned ‘Error Messages’ that have not until now been fully detected.

Sutton skilfully sets the scene.

Still warming up for the grand reveal, Sutton, an educator and influencer himself, will perhaps appreciate the following commentary; a quoted letter from the era under the microscope states that one such book had been “written more for the poor working class of England rather than the scientific elite for it appealed to their desire to ‘evolve’ beyond their wretched economic circumstances.”

The quote reflects a changing society of the Industrial Revolution in Great Britain and a changed moral code (the recent ‘Liberté’ of France) which the scientific community seemed reluctant to accept. So, in producing the book under analysis, the author unwittingly or wittingly, supported the up-and-coming classes which would be unstoppable in this age of expansion not only travelling by the great network of Victorian railways, but also the minds of the great unread, which gave rise to the foundation of the Liberal Party (1859).

Despite the harsh criticism, books written in the populist style sold very well at this time, scoring an own-goal as the scientific elite had ruled the education of the underclasses by oppression, stifling them of knowledge. The government of the day showed great moral sensibility to the lower classes and, even though they were distrustful of them, tried to help improve their lifestyle: they committed to the Statute Book some knee-jerk reactions to civil unrest.

Liberal inclusion of hard-working industrialists from outside the social elite at this time reflects the Roman idea of gradual release from slavery and admission to elite circles to quell any riots borne of discontent.

Even more back-peddling by more recent chroniclers is uncovered by Sutton and so paves the way for the common (wo)man to understand there must come a time when the excuses made for the greatest scam should, must and furthermore will be expunged from their consciousness where, fetid and clammy, it has lain like a fungus of pathogenic intrusion. Sutton deftly lights the home fires with hope.

Sutton revisits often the Scientific Rules of Priority and does ‘ghostly’ battle with pistol and sword to explain their relevance to the scam. The perpetrator stands his ground and sees to it that everyone else involved does too, except cracks develop in letters and accounts of meetings that undergo further examination under Sutton’s critical eye.

He makes a swash-buckling attack on the myths and excuses that surround the perpetrator and so denies the perpetrator the continued pleasure from beyond the grave of the letter campaign so craftily thought-out and executed on those who were in too deep with him already to allow them to surface dry with wig intact. As Sutton intones, cowardice does not become this perpetrator who in fevered scripts lets out the secrets that previously were so carefully kept in.

Sutton shows how an organigram of mug shots can show that an ugly nepotism had taken place in the most highly respected associations of this land and that it continues on today.

This commentator calls, “Time, gentlemen, please. Come… let us divide up the face of the perpetrator of this myth from its attachments, its many masked warriors who through the century and a half have kept its memory safely in their hearts”. Sutton would call for restitution of the face of another that should always have adorned this true story.

Sutton draws to introspection when considering an original thought, that it may be the smallest element in a hypothesis, drawn up upon the influence of predecessors, but it is the catalyst that matures the hypothesis into the concreteness of a theory. Without the hypothesis and its catalytic converter there can be no evidence-based theory develop out of it.

Sutton warns that for a well-educated man of science, growing up in the Regency era of “low morals and high fashion” (David, 2014), where who you knew not what you knew was acceptable, you might have expected the opportunistic young perpetrator to be more aware of the French that he was employing to maintain the air of superiority so characteristic of that time. In one cited case, it was the collocation for Sutton, that was just one of the keys to the perpetrator’s undoing: ‘At the soi-disant science meeting,…’ [the so-called science meeting]. Maybe the scammer just had no respect for the men of science at all.

Sutton makes some observations on the creation of myths and legends ‘to fill the knowledge gaps.’ (Sutton, 2014) and he defines some very plausible reasons for this. But the creation of a supermyth about a mortal human being and contemporary scientist, just mystifies him and draws the reader in to contemplate on the ‘four bridges’ of deceit. Neither the originator’s international reputation at that time, new magazine headlines nor the addition of revealing strap-lines of reasoned argument could save this mortal from ultimate derision and eventual oblivion in the field of science. This mere mortal human being with the courage of his own conviction and following the accepted publishing codes of the day, found his efforts were all in vain. Even plastering his own name upon these subsections did not work out well for him for it was all to be thrown back upon him as inconsequential with a rhetorical question of just who would look in his book for a hypothesis anyway?

But, as Sutton makes clear, the originator did not lay down his pen believing it to be far mightier than the sword or any chastisement or derision he should suffer at the hands of other mere mortal human beings, his ‘groupies’, led in bleakness by the perpetrator’s black heart.

Some people, as Sutton asserts, have the ability to lead people to water and making force seem gentler, let them quaff back the juice of life itself though tainted. And the perpetrator had this very quality in his bleak and blackened heart. As Sutton makes clear, untruths led this perpetrator to the next step… that of despicable extortion which was used as a last resort to maintain ‘his groupies’’ thirst.

Sutton, being an influencer of quite some distinction, has to ask the question, did the perpetrator express in later years ‘remorse’ for the injustices of this publishing combat and thus brought back his ‘groupies’ into his fold? He leaves the reader to form his or her own opinion.

Sutton seeks contextual evidence and asks, ‘Who was this mere mortal who was so wronged and blackened?’ Sutton lays before us an honest man whose self-motivation and international reputation was ripped away from him and for what?... a lie, a myth by human hand created? Money, perhaps, to shore up a failing brand? Who really knows the warp and the weft of it? But as a man of an industrious family of long line, he simply could not keep up through the age of discontent that was to follow, because the originator simply died.

Fortunately, his bequest lives on in the form of the crushed fruit drink that is so popular today, as long, that is, that the pollinating insects do not die in a similar shamed way.

Sutton gives light to a number of predictions made by the originator and down-trodden mortal of this story and it is his firm wish that the reader may enjoy the knowledge once so brutally betrayed that is now restored to the world’s consciousness.

Not only was this mortal human being of scientific mind and integrity but also a snoeier from north of the border, skilled in the art of pruning, (as opposed to a snoek or schnook from down south, skilled in the art of disembowelling its catch), whose tender care and understanding of fruit trees as well as his contribution to engineering solutions represented in the standardization of production of construction materials motivated by the potential to save the lives of his fellow human beings are both of benefit to us today. And what of DNA or waterborne Cholera?

To say in different words what Sutton means, whether it be an electronic whiteboard and a colourful marker pen of today or a black/grey slate and stick of chalk of the 1800s, Sutton makes it very clear that as an advanced society, we owe a debt of gratitude and should therefore be proud now to chalk up his name and consign the imposter and perpetrator to behind the wardrobe for the misdeed of publishing his book without references or attributions to contributors.

Sutton often fills the textual elements with tables of inquiry into the veracity of the principle where more is said on the hypothesis of ‘first to be second-published’ and thereby the personal and social empowerment that comes with the claim of ‘genuine origination’ (Sutton, 2014).

Taking many examples of other false claimants, young and old, from history and the modern day, Sutton systematically ‘downgrades’ the imposters to the dregs where they should start life all over again, having learned humility and the arts of the unselfish gene pool.

‘You can’t keep a good man down’ should be the statement replacing ‘only the good die young’.

Close to his summation, Sutton deals with ‘Advancement’ in a broad sense and we are transported back to the pistol and sword rules of engagement of yesteryear. The one thing that maybe is in the favour of the perpetrator, is that he popularised a stolen hypothesis that would otherwise still, even today, be kept under wraps of Science and Associations for the unique delectation of the upper classes. But circumstantial evidence borne of guilt is in no century an excuse!

And Sutton should be reminded that a Rosetta Stone is most certainly better, but should not exclude faith in the diviner’s twig of in-spirit-ation, that sudden light-bulb moment.

The perpetrator’s ’15-minutes of fame’ will have run its course at last, after 155 years of scamming the nations around the world. Caveat: he who laughs last, laughs longest.

The cry should now be, ‘Je suis Patrick’ to the end of time itself.

Nullius in Verba: Darwin’s Greatest Secret, authored by the criminologist Dr Mike Sutton, is out now as an e-book for all the world to see and duly accords the victim, Patrick Matthew, the author of the book which had no precedent, ‘On Naval Timber and Arboriculture’, his rightful place in the SOLVING OF THE RIDDLE OF THE EXISTENCE OF MAN on this earth.

By "A commentator" (May 2015)

Other Reviews of the E-book (Sutton 2014) Nullius In Verba: Here

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Background information about  the book that busts the fallacy that no naturalist read Matthew's ideas on natural selection before 1858 - explains how 'knowledge contamination' from Matthew to Darwin and Wallace surely happened, and uniquely proves, with newly discovered data and a plagiarism analysis, that Darwin and Wallace more likely than not plagiarized the discovery of natural selection from Patrick Matthew's 1831 book 'On Naval Timber and Arboriculture'.

New and uniquely discovered publications disconfirm earlier Darwinist ‘knowledge beliefs’ that Patrick Matthew’s (1831) prior published discovery of natural selection was not read by other naturalists known to Darwin and Wallace, years before they each replicated it, claimed it as their own, claimed no one else had read it, and claimed to have discovered it independently of Matthew’s 1831 published discovery.

It is now 100 per cent uniquely proven in ‘Nullius’ (Sutton 2014) that Matthew is more likely than not the sole independent originator of the theory of natural selection,  since knowledge contamination from his 1831 publication to Wallace’s 1855, Darwin’s and Wallace’s (1858) and Darwin’s  (1859) work on natural selection is now established.

Knowledge contamination is established by the fact that Loudon cited Matthew's book in 1832 and then went on to edit and publish Blyth’s highly influential papers of 1835 and 1837 on species variety and organic evolution. In the third edition of the Origin of Species Darwin fully admitted that Blyth was his most helpful and most prolific informant on the subject of species as it related to organic evolution. Chambers cited Matthew's book in 1832 before writing the best-selling 'Vestiges of Creation' in 1844. And both Darwin and Wallace admitted the huge influence of Robert Chambers’s ‘Vestiges of Creation’ on their own work in the field of natural selection. Selby, who cited Matthew’s book many times in 1842, went on to edit and publish Wallace's famous Sarawak paper of 1855.

To establish the high likelihood of knowledge contamination from Matthew to Darwin and Wallace, it does not matter what Loudon, Chambers and Selby actually wrote about Matthew’s (1831) book. And it does not matter whether or not Darwin or Wallace actually read the publications by Loudon, Chambers and Selby that cited Matthew’s 1831 book,  because the fact that those three naturalists read Matthew’s book is enough to prove that it is more likely than not that Matthew’s work both indirectly and directly influenced the pre 1859 work of Darwin and Wallace on natural selection.

To reach any other conclusion than that expressed in the above paragraph, anyone denying the likelihood of knowledge contamination would have to base such reasoning on the belief that it is no more than an incredible tri-coincidence, improbable beyond rational belief, that three out of only seven naturalists known to have cited natural selection played such pivotal roles at the very epicenter of influence and facilitation of the pre-1859 natural selection work of Darwin and Wallace.

Loudon (1832)  – a friend of William Hooker, who was an associate of Darwin and father of Darwin’s best friend Joseph Hooker - wrote that Matthew had something original to say on ‘the Origin of species’. Selby (the prominent naturalist whose house was visited by Darwin’s father, and Darwin’s other associates Leonard Jenyns, William Yarrell and John Gould)  wrote about his failure to comprehend Matthew’s explanation for why non-native trees might at times grow better in other locations and vice versa. And Chambers met and corresponded with Darwin pre-1859. That Chambers did not replicate Matthew’s discovery in his own work, as Darwin did, is not evidence that he or none of these three authors fully understood Matthew’s work, nor is it evidence that they did not. The most likely reason why Victorian gentlemen of science such as they failed to mention Matthew’s detailed hypothesis has been fully explained by such highly respected experts as Secord (2000) and others. In sum,  there were strict codes of conduct enforced by the Royal Society and British Association for Advancement of Science, which strictly forbade naturalists going into print on the presumptuous, heretical and seditious content of books such as Matthew’s that relied upon deduction, trespassed upon natural divinity, mentioned Chartist social reform politics and ‘news’ of the overthrow of the King of France.  Geologists such as Robert Chambers were perhaps under more pressure than any other mid Victorian gentlemen of science to steer well clear of evolutionary heresy as powerful as that published by Matthew in 1831 and later by Darwin in 1859. By way of example, Desmond and Moore (1991) wrote on this problem for Darwin at the time Darwin began his secret Zoonomia notebook on the transmutation of species in 1837:

‘Darwin could expect a furore among his geological friends if they discovered his secret. No more ‘hail fellow, well met.’  He could be labelled a traitor. His respectability would be compromised. Not only would his science be impugned. He himself would be accused of reckless abandon.’

In light of what expert historians of science tell us about the strict conventions of Victorian gentlemen of science such as Loudon, Selby and Chambers, to demand absolute proof, for example in historical print or correspondence, that these men shared their knowledge of Matthew’s book with Darwin and Wallace and to demand the same level of written proof that those three naturalists fully understood what Matthew wrote on natural selection requires us to accept the premise that it is an amazing tri-coincidence, improbable beyond rational belief,  that these three men represent three out of only seven naturalists known to have cited Matthew’s book – containing the full theory of natural selection (see Dawkins 2010) - should be at the very epicenter of Darwin’s and Wallace’s work on the exact same unique, radical, ground-breaking and heretical  topic, which they both replicated then claimed no prior-knowledge of. Quite frankly that premise, which is proposed by George Beccaloni on his website on 20th August 2014, and argued further by him in the published comments section of e-Skeptic Magazine, is not just completely irrational it is made with further weird zero regard of what experts on the topic know about the very reasons why such published evidence is highly unlikely to exist.

Examples of Criminal Piracy & Identity Fraud Copyright Theft of the E-Book (Sutton 2014) Nullius in Verba & Paperback (Sutton 2017). At the time of Writing (January 2018), Following Cease and Desist Orders, these Publishers and Sales Channels Have Taken Down Criminally Pirated & Uploaded Versions of Nullius

Identity fraud piracy by criminal deception of the publisher 'Smashwords'

Identity fraud piracy by criminal deception of the publisher 'create my book' and their sales channel 'shop my book'.

Piracy of e-book and paperback on the USA 'not for profit' tax status website the 'Internet Archive'


ISSU distributed pirated copy of both my e-book and paperback in Jan 2018

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Mathematician, Professor Jason Rosenhouse, seeminlgy totally unable to deal with the New Data facts that have been discovered and published in peer reviewed academic journals, proved his own case lost by reverting to no more than anti-academic childish name calling on his own blogsite. When politely challenged to actually address the newly discovered facts, he weirdly deleted my comment on his blog and immediately closed the blog to further comments.  I wonder why? See him in full archived "crackpot" action here.

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Note that one typically ludicrous Darwin worshipping foot washer's fact denial article on a website, which I have archived via the clickable link directly above, masquerades as being open minded yet fails to mention the newly unearthed, independenty verifiable in the historic publication record, fully cited data about who Darwin and Wallace knew who cited Matthew's 1831 book and the ideas in it before their replications of his work. This same site then claims my work on these uncomfortable newly unearthed facts is some kind of conspiracy theory and further claims I have made the above image above as a faked headline, even though in the 2014 achieved article where I used it I refer my readers to the fact the newspaper story is on page 21, not the front page at all! Furthermore, those with an honest/rational mind - or any mind at all for that matter - will note that the page you are currently reading is the exact same page the desperate and closed-minded Darwin foot washer author references, with a link to my archived 2014 article, that specifically explains the story is on page 21 of the newspaper in question.

I am clearly not, then, claiming it as a headline at all. But brain dead members of the Darwinist zombie horde are obviously stupid and desperate enough to transparently do anyththing to try to dicredit me that they can dream up in order to try to bury the facts they don't want you to read. 


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A resource of publicly available published material for researchers, authors, publishers, journalists, employers, lawyers and the law enforcement community

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The published obscene and offensive misoginistic abuse below has been reported in the Scottish and English regional press here and here and here.

Despite this, Wikipedia's organizational response is to allow this particular individual to substantially edit a Wikipedia page about me (edits here) and their Patrick Matthew page about me and my research (e.g. here).

In an apparent "state of denial" regarding verifiable hard published evidence to the contrary, Wikipedia's owner Jimmy Wales maintained on a BBC programme on 24th January that its editors are not malicious or malevolent: here. And yet we can see that is sadly untrue, not only from the malicious and obscene tweets, and other behaviour of its editors of long-standing, witnessed by way of the proof on this page, but from the information Wikipedian editors, provide about their particular bias fixated obsessions, punishments of one another, and associated grovelling archived here. They are arguably very cult like.

Offensive and obscene communication from a prolific Wikipedia editor of long-standing on their Patrick Matthew page and Mike Sutton page

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Wikipedia has facilitated its editors to reference their own biased blog sites, emails and claimed emails from others to lie and publish malicious and maelvolent  falsehoods about peer reviewed journal articles and the verifiable facts published in them.

Wikipedia's Patrick Matthew page (archived here).

Wikipedia's Patrick Matthew page editors involved in organizational response to the "New Data" (archived):

a. http://archive.is/ZxVTr

b. http://archive.is/pEJWG

c. http://archive.is/NWGgZ

Ignoring the fact, reported in the press, that Dr John van Wyhe sat on the editorial board of the journal that published my peer reviewed science journal article on the newly discovered independent facts of Darwin's glory stealing science fraud and proven lies, and resigned at the time it was published following expert peer review and respective revisions, Wikipedia editors focus merely on what they call an "open letter", which (you really could not make this stuff up) one of them sent as a ranting protest email to a number of people!

Next, they focus on Dr van Wyhe's mere unevidenced opinion that newly discovered and independently verifiable disconfirming facts for Darwin's independent conception of a prior published theory are a "conspiracy theory".

Then, in true Wikipedia agenda editor fake news style, contrary to all  their own claimed Wikipedia protocols, they publish at some length nonsense written on an unmoderated personal blogsite, written by what appears to be nothing more than an apparently otherwise unpublished Darwin superfan, who displays his most ludicrous muddled thinking, desperately obviously intellectually challenged misrepresentation of what I have written in my books and in scholarly articles in peer reviewed journals, all supported by so many  easily proven ludicrous errors of fact (Wikipedia's biased claims all archived here).

Given all their desperate fact denial nonsense, it is small wonder these Wikipedia editors feel the need to pour petrol on the bonfire of their own dashed vanities by publishing the further proven desperate malicious and malevolent falsehood that my peer reviewed scholarly journal articles were not peer reviewed by experts in the field. In short, like all Wikipedia editor psuedo scholars, they are just making stuff up on Wikipedia and their own necessarily unmoderated blog sites, because they are unable to publish such palpable nonsense anywhere else. This is exactly why all universities instruct their students not to cite Wikipedia, other than to confirm it is an unreliable, biased and factually incorrect source written by ignorant and biased frustrated neerdowell amateurs looking for an outlet.

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1. Proof of J. F. Derry's weird and totally obsessed cyberstalking (here).

2. Derry has sent violent images, arguably intended to harass and upset others online (here).

Libel, malicious falsehoods, defamation of character and continuation of pattern of obsessed harassment and abusive cyberstalking on the Times Higher Education website, making links to the same process of behaviour elsewhere online. Archived: Here.

And archive of continued malicious falsehoods and further  obscene use of "C" word on THES comments section. 

Continuation of process of malicious and malevolent harassment, defamation and libel on comment on this Goodreads review archived: Here and here and further harassment here.

Arguably, Derry really calls into question his own mental health. I think he appears to need serious clinical involvment with his little cyber stalker brain. Perhaps this is what credulous Darwin worshipping does to weak minded people? Archived Here and further sad little ne'er-do-well weirdo cyberstalker harassment obsessive nonsense Here

Maybe Derry is insanely jealous of real criminologists - particularly one making tabloid and broadsheet news for original discoveries about Darwin and Matthew? This seems plausible, because the harassing little idiot has tried his hand writing a pulp book on serial killers that now sells for under £2, and totally failed to discover anything original significance for himself about Darwin. Today, he appears to be looking for vulnerable suckers amongst the general public to pay him to write another book about Darwin (archived) and shamlessly engages in mongering to suckers bronze moulded statues of Darwin for a ridiculously overinflated price. The very same money-grubbing weirdly masked weirdo Derry is an abusive long term and prolific Wikipedia editor of Wikipedia's 'Mike Sutton (Criminologist) (archived here) and Patrick Matthew pages (archived here), even though Wikipedia is aware he has been malevolent and malicious, because they once banned him for it (archived here).

WARNING: Derry has a habit of pretending to be affiliated with Edinburgh University. But he isn't! When a very senior manager from Nottingham Trent University let that institution know what he was up to, Edinburgh University senior managers investigated and claimed neither they nor their staff have any dealings with him, denying they have anything to do with him whatsoever. I have the email.

Believing in the silly myth that Darwin and Wallace had miraculous independent conceptions of Patrick Matthew's prior published theory has certainly made Derry a very unhappy and angry little man.

Better to know and accept the truth than believe in Darwinite palpable and newly completely debunked claptrap (Sutton 2014, 2017) that no naturalists had read Matthew’s theory before Darwin's and Wallace’s sly plagiarism.

Please note: For ease of sharing in scholarly communications, research and other investigation activity, a PDF file containing this fully referenced archive of Wikipedia bias and other activities of its long standing and prolific editors can be found here.

On the historical revisions page of the webpage that Wikipedia has published about me, one of its editors, the cyberstalker harasser J. F. (Julian) Derry has, most ironically, added under a heading "Locura", the online location details of quite a few of my Twitter posts that criticise Wikipedia. That is very weird behaviour for any organisation calling itself an encyclopaedia, rather than a malicious cult run by total nut jobs. Their published behaviour is archived here. This same individual, Julian Derry, obsessively edits with his daft-as-a-brush weirdo falsehoods the Wikipedia page about me and the Patrick Matthew page. Wikipedia are aware of his malicious behaviour, because they suspended his account for a few weeks. Then they let him back at it. That's typical of Wikipedia.

This same cyberstalking, harassing individual is publishing malicious defamation, libel and other falsehoods in his harassment of anyone who dares to write an honest objective review of my book 'Nullius in Verba: Darwin's greatest secret'. Having published a malicious and criminal cyberstalking blogsite (all of which has now been archived pending legal action), he is now turning his harassment false accusations on university students. In this one example, he accuses one of my PhD students of writing this particular review of Nullius (see this pdf file is linked to the screenshot evidence of his comment that you can see below).

But she never wrote the book review that the malicious, raving bonkers obsessive stalker and harasser Derry madly accused her of writing. She has not even read the book, because it has nothing to do with her area of expertise. Even if she had, grown men harassing young university students is unacceptable! The Amazon review in question was written by a Tanzanian university agent I met in a professional capacity who asked me if they might review my book. This one instance of cyber stalking behaviour by Derry is typical of this prolific and long-standing Wikipedia editor's malicious falsehood dissemination and harassment obsession. I am informed that he lost a long held but very minor position at Edinburgh University for dreadfully harassing staff at the National Lottery Heritage Fund and many other people in Scotland (young women, teachers and other professionals) who are associated with my research.

According to what he wrote in the comments section of a Times Higher Education article where he continued his nasty cyberstalking harassment and falsehood abuse, complete with further C word obscenities, the poor delusional and totally obsessed chap wrote (wrongly) that he thinks I reported him to Edinburgh University.

Continuing to harass and intimidate my professional associates in what appears in my opinion to be the typical stalking by proxy escalation pattern of any lonely and tormented, delusional, impotent, criminal harassing, threat making and intimidating cyberstalker, Julian AKA (J. F.) Derry, following nasty implied threats to do so, that he sent by email (archived - amongst many others - for legal action) has also now taken to writing malicious and defamatory statements about Professor Mark Griffiths, who is co-author of an expert peer reviewed paper (Sutton and Griffiths 2018) on the IDD method (Derry's archived harassment of professor Mark Griffiths ( HERE  and Here).

Demented Derry spends a lot of time writting and then publishing his insanely jealous ranting harrassing poisen pen letters to members of the Carse of Gowrie Sustainability Group using an Edinburgh University email address, even though Edinburgh University claims it has no dealings with him whatsoever (e.g. here).

According to UK law on the crime of stalking:

'Harassment of an individual can also occur when a person is harassing others connected with the individual, knowing that this behaviour will affect their victim as well as the other people that the person appears to be targeting their actions towards. This is known as 'stalking by proxy'. Family members, friends and employees of the victim may be subjected to this.'

Apparently, when not writing endless intimidating, threatening, malicious falsehood and defamatory stalking harassment emails to my employer, academic associates and anyone else who won't listen to his silly jealous and malicious obscene delusional projecting nonsense, Derry once tried desperately to make money by writing a book (here) on serial killing criminology. Apparently, it was a total flop, because it now sells for just one pence, having received, apparently, no national newsworthy comment.

Today - having been told to stop pretending he is associated with Edinburgh University - Desperate Derry continues with his infantile and impotent little campaign of intimidation and harassment of my associates. He floggs Darwin tacky "monkey" statues online to sucker/mug punters and has for many years been crowdfund begging other people to pay him to write a book on Darwin. He even thinks people should pay him to be interviewed about this desperate money making scheme (here), simply in order to fund it.

Is this weird obsessed loser and stalker, who harasses my friends, colleagues and journal editors and follows me all over the internet (e.g. here) adding comments to whatever I write, not just on Darwin's plagiarism and lies but on seemingly any topic (e.g here), motivated by intense jealousy that he can't succeed in either my field of criminology nor in making nationally newsworthy and peer reviewed academic journal article recorded discoveries in the field of the history of discovery in science? Yes, probably.

Something of a Wikipedia editor conflict of interest?

Arguably, in my opinion, this sort of thing is just one reason why Wikipedia is the world's worst encyclopaedia, edited by the worst kind of people in the world for the job. People like Derry.

Is Wikipedia edited by too many such bitter and twisted, weirdly obsessive jealous, malicious, axe-grinding, cowardly ne’er-do-well’s? I think the facts prove that it is.

By way of just one example, a blog post by Derry, with Twitter tweets embedded from some of those he has harassed, can be found here for your objective consideration.

Wikipedia even has a weird cultish page recording details of its own fully evidenced wrongdoing. You can see the proof of its editorial sly plagiarism of some of my original discoveries, excuses for that behaviour here and archived here.  An expert peer reviewed journal paper on some of those original unearthing discoveries can be read here.

Plagiarism definition: "... an instance of someone using someone else’s intellectual product (such as texts, ideas, or RESULTS), thereby implying that it is their own."

Meanwhile, in 2018, Dagg, who like Derry cyberstalks me obsessively around the Internet e.g. posting obsessive juvenile comments on the Amazon book reviews that I write etc (e.g. here), writes in the Linnean Society paper in which he jealously plagiarises what he proves in his own words he prior knew (e.g. in 2014 and later here) to be my original Big Data IDD "Selby cited Matthew" discovery, thanks the malicious and jealous intimidating cyberstalker Derry and his friend Mike Weale. Notably, Weale cited my original (Sutton 2014) Selby and six other naturalists cited Matthew pre-1858) prior-published peer reviewed journal bombshell discovery in his 2015 Linnean Society paper and openly thanks me for assisting him with that paper. He also thanks Dagg in the same paper.  As further proof of his absolute weird obsession with me, Dagg (here) also jealously retraces all my prior-published steps in my original and now world- famous spinach, decimal point error supermyth bust. I think he was trying - but once gain failing (here obsessing most desperately about me and my research once again) - to discredit me anyway he could, which is the usual behaviour of obsessed stalking cultists, unable to deal with the verifiable new cult-busting facts they despise, so going desperately after the reputation of their discoverer instead. His Linnean Society Journal friend Derry is totally obsessed with me for the very same reason. He too, for apparently the very same reason, tries but also fails to discredit the spinach supermythbust on his desperate pseudo-scholarly obsessive stalker site (here). What a pair of jealous and obsessive sad clowns they are. Deliberate plagiarism of research is very a very serious offence!

You can read Dagg's own published words, forensically archived and sent to Oxford University Press (publisher of the Biological Journal of the Linnean Society) for investigation of Dagg's and Weale's sly plagiarism of my important Selby cited Matthew discovery, and much more evidence of his malicious deliberate insanely jealous plagiarsm of my research HERE

Just several days after adamantly refusing to debate the facts at a university setting of his choice, following newspaper reports of Jon Van Wyhe resigning from the editorial board of a science journal (archived here) so soon after it published my 2015 paper On Knowledge Contamination, Weale, in 2016 fell out with me and immediately wrote a ludicrously childish email to senior managers of my university demanding I be investigated. This falling out can be seen on his website (archived here), despite his pleading with me to stay and debate with him.

Weale's jealous harassment, malicious communication, email to my employer is safely archived, along with many more by Derry, for future academic research into such harassment behaviour by those seeking to silence, or else jealously plagiarise, those who make ground-breaking uncomfortable new discoveries in science. Dr Mike Weale’s malicious complaint on behalf of Dr van-Wyhe was investigated by Nottingham Trent University, chaired by a professor of criminal justice and monitored throughout by HR. The report of the investigation concluded Weale had acted most strangely and disingenuously and there was no case to answer for. A representative of HR then telephoned me and suggested I contact the VC of Weale’s university to inform them what Weale was doing and what sort of dishonest and malicious, time wasting, employee they had. I declined. Unlike the sly, pathetically cowardly little lily-livered greasy weasel Weale, I had no childish malicious desire to try to wickedly deprive an academic of their career by writing to their employer. The recorded, fully evidenced, history of Mike Weale’s backstabbing, sly plagiarising, and cowardly unscientific behaviour now defines him for all eternity as does the company he keeps.

Next, on Wikipedia, Dagg brags to Derry that he has not cited me - this behaviour is conducted by Dagg despite the fact his Linnean Society article is based in no small part on my original (Sutton 2014) discovery that Selby cited Matthew pre- 1831. That behaviour amounts to an effective act of serious deliberate and apparently malicious plagiarism admission by Dagg, in my opinion. Moreover, Dagg writes also that he believes his paper somehow (perhaps magically?) refutes the evidence for Matthewian knowledge contamination of the replicating work of Darwin and Wallace.

For his part, Weale - who has regularly deleted any comments he does not approve of on his website - arguably facilitates, aides and abets, Derry's impotent and plainly delusional childish malicious criminal cyberstalking and harassment behaviour by publishing a clear named link to Derry's cyberstalking harassment blog site (here and archived here). In my opinion, like the disreputable pseudo-scientific quacks who harassed Edzard Ernst at Exeter University for the New Data he collected on their membership, these  individuals sought to discredit me personally in a similarly failed childish attempt to jealously bury my original uncovering of the New Data on who really read and cited Matthew pre-1858 and what it means for the history of discovery in science.

These cyber-sniping friends of foul-feather appear to be sticking together. But it seems that both their beaks and brains are clearly not naturally suited to either rational adult or open scholarly conduct. On which note, I have been invited by those who care about such matters to address on camera (for the record) and before members of the press and academics, the respective behaviour of Derry, Dagg and their associate Weale - and others - on December 6th 2018 (here). Facts are facts. We are to be judged by what we do. Weale was too afraid of the facts to debate with me before his peers. See  https://archive.is/dMmuw

Of some concern to police, psychologists and criminologists regarding Derry's behaviour, is the fact that obsessed and abusive harassing cyberstalkers, who target young females in that way, are known to escalate to homicidal activity (e.g. here). Derry is on legal notice from Nottingham Trent University to cease and desist harassing and stalking staff of that university.  

Appendix of Evidence of Dr Dagg's Deliberate and Malicious Plagiarism Sent to the Editor of the Boilogical Journal of  the Linnean Society.

  1. Dagg's website in question is here (archived) where you can see he tries to discredit my research about a mistake in the iron content of spinach. This is relevant because it is evidence that his later plagiarism in your journal is both deliberate and malicious. 
  2. Next, dating back to my book and articles on the subject in 2014 (Dagg's published work on them archived) You will see that Dagg's same website obsesses further about my prior published research on Patrick Matthew.
  3. Dr Dagg's prior published malicious review of my book is archived (here). If you scroll down this archived file you can read his fully signed Amazon book review of my book and his admission, he also read my earlier book on the topic of 2014, which like my second book contains the Selby 1842 discovery from my research.
  4. Dr Dagg's publicly published correspondence about his Linnean Journal article and about me, with Julian Derry (who has been written to by Nottingham Trent University's legal department and head of Corporate Affairs to demand he cease his libel and obsessive harassment of myself and others regarding our research and peer reviewed publications into Darwin and Matthew) is included in the image (highlighted) screenshot. That image is on the Wikipedia talk page on Patrick Matthew (archived here
  5. 100% proof (yes such a thing actually does exist) that Dagg plagiarised my Selby discovery with malicious intent HERE and more insanely jealous obsessive published nonsense from him Here and Here and Here  
  6. Most seriously, Here we have Dagg publishing information about the peer review process and names the reviewers of his plagiarising article and the editor of the journal in the Linnean journal. Note that he also names his assistants in writing it: Julian Derry (the criminal harasser who is under legal notice to cease and desist from Nottingham Trent University) and Mike Weal (who also plagiarised my Selby discovery data in his own Linnean society paper and then sent ludicrous allegations to the VC of Nottingham Trent University to try to have me dismissed for defending my peer reviewed published research on Darwin's plagiarism from claims it is all a silly conspiracy theory. Weal's malicious allegations were thrown out by Nottingham Trent University in an investigation that concluded they were "disingenuous" and that no action should be taken. ) 

Besides my two books on the topic of Matthew and Darwin, which have been extensively covered in the national press, published proof that my prior-published research findings are the original source of the Selby cited Matthew in 1842 can be found in many published sources. These sources include, but are by no means limited to, this peer reviewed academic article (https://core.ac.uk/reader/42392608). And also in this prominently published article on a Sunday Lecture I gave on the topic at Conway Hall in London (here).

The research Dagg  plagiarized by failing to attribute the Selby (1842) reference to my research has been extensively covered in the press and is, therefore, by no means obscure. I attach examples of

press coverage below:

1. The Daily Telegraph 2014 (archived) (also archived here)

2. Scottish Daily Mail 2014 (archived)

3.The  Courier  March 15th 2016 (archived)

4. Deadline March 16th 2016 (archived)

5.The Courier 19th March 2016 (archived)

6. The Courier 22nd March 2016 (archived)

7. The Scotsman  2016 (archived)

8. The Nottingham Post 2016 (28.3.2016)

9. Five Thirty Eight 2016 (archived)

10. Sputnik (France) 2016 (archived)

11. Sputnik (Germany) 2016 (archived)

12. The Courier (May 2016) (archived)

13. The Courier (May 2017) (archived)

14. Several articles (May 2017) Press Reader

15. The Courier (August 2017) (archived)

16. The Courier (Sept 2017) (archived)

17. The Evening Telegraph (Sept 2017) (archived)

18. The Courier (Sept 2018) (archived

19. The Courier (Nov 2019) (archived)

I have further published (some not published) independently verifiable evidence that Dagg  deliberately and maliciously plagiarized my research.

Honestly, you could not make this stuff up, because the wider public would never believe it. What does this tell us about the Linnean Society and these three, whose names appear on the front page of one of its published papers? The very same journal that published, in 1858, Darwin's and Wallace's replications of the theory, without referencing Matthew, which both later admitted was Matthew's original conception. Yet, in an act of proven post-hoc glory theft plagiarism, Darwin and Wallace continued to claim it as their own.

The images below are from legal evidence archived screenshots (08/10/2018) of Julian Derry's obsessive blogsite. Following expert legal advice that its content is fallaciously defamatory and harassing of several academics, he was compelled to take the content down or face serious risk of ruination in court of law. Remember, this is the very same person who, following my published BigData discoveries about Darwin and Wallace's plagiarism, used the obscene four letter "C" word to abuse me on social media. Derry is also the very same individual that Joachim Dagg thanks for his help on the pages of his article in the Linnean Journal - the same journal that facilitated Darwin's and Wallace's joint science fraud by plagiarising glory theft of Matthew’s prior published and cited breakthrough back in 1858; the same journal where Dagg uses my original discovery of the (Sutton 2014; 2017) hugely important Selby citation of Matthew, but fails to cite me as its discoverer. What a journal! What a most peculiar, so-called scientific, society the Linnean Society is. Moreover, this is the very same Julian (J.F) Derry who Wikipedia allowed to obsessively edit its page about me - where he has written a load of obsessive and biased childish Wikipedian tosh, and to do the same its page about Patrick Matthew. So much for Wikipedia, AKA the world's worst encyclopedia for good reason. Only Wikipedia could allow such a demented grudge-grinding pillock edit a page on the target of his proven obsessive cyberstaling and demented libellous tripe. And the same goes for the multitude of obsessive and delusional nonsense he has been allowed to add to Wikipedia's Patrick Matthew page.

In the image below you can see the criminal obsessed harasser Derry making reference to  COPE on his criminal harassment site.  Now why would he do that? More about that later.  All archived here for forthcoming action.

Why was the New Data detected by a social scientist and not an expert Darwinist biologist?

For 155 years, following the publication of Darwin's (1859) Origin of Species, until Sutton's (2014) Nullius in Verba, Darwinists were unobservant of the damning evidence in the literature. They had seen only what they were taught to expect about their deified namesake.

The totally unexpected evidence, that they are named for a plagiarizing science fraudster, evaded them like an optical illusion.

One needs to retain the unblinking observancy of a curious child, whilst exercising an open mind. To succeed, it is necessary to create a physical, social and personally cognitive research environment in which things can happen and where significant new data can be searched for, detected, followed-up with intuitive instinct and appreciated. In such an environment, it is important to know and fully exploit the potential of the tools that facilitate your research and to use them in search for the unusual.

You should be inspired, tenaciously powered and moderated by the joyful application of your diligent and acute, unbiased, curiosity and observation skills.

In the words of Alexander Fleming (1959), in order to first make game changing discoveries, one should: 'Work hard, work well, do not clutter up the mind too much with precedents, and be prepared to accept such good fortune as the gods offer...'

If it happens that you find something big, to intuitively appreciate the 'bombshell' significance of your newly discovered hard facts is, at the very outset at least, an altogether more subjective matter. I don't think such appreciation is something that can be taught to everyone. One, essentially, needs the gift of an eye to notice and a mind to grasp what it means.

To argue for and disseminate the significance of your discovery, in the face of an entrenched, powerful, hostile, and self-interested 'expert' 'majority view', requires personal and intellectual mettle and sense of moral integrity for promoting fact-led progress that is too often lacking in the world. For the social scientist, indeed, for any scientist, it is a moral duty to reveal myths and fallacies and to share as widely as possible the newly discovered facts that disconfirm them.

I know exactly what I have uniquely discovered with my carefully planned and executed research design and innovative IDD research method. Therefore, I know its originality and great importance in the history of scientific discovery.

The New Data of Wallace's sly correspondence record tampering dishonesty and Darwin's 100 per cent proven audacious self-serving lies, when added to the newly discovered fact that highly influential naturalists, who Darwin and Wallace knew, read and then cited Matthew's (1831) book before Darwin and Wallace replicated the bombshell ideas in it - followed by their own fallacious defence that before 1860 no naturalist had read those prior-published ideas - re-writes, significantly, the history of the discovery of natural selection.

Macro evolution by natural selection is, arguably, the most important scientific discovery of all time. The great importance of this theory underpins the significance of the New Data for veracious scientific progress in our knowledge of how such great scientific discoveries are made.