William James Dempster

Seeing Further with William James Dempster: Pioneering Surgeon, Leading Scientist and Researcher in the Field of the World's Greatest Science Fraud.

Please click here to read about the pioneering human organ transplant and tissue rejection research of the surgeon W.J. Dempster and his three seminal books on Matthew's original discovery of Natural Selection. And here to read a Royal College of Surgeons short biography.

William James Dempster.

Picture courtesy of Soula Dempster.

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Jim and his wife, Cherry Dempster. Picture taken in the mid 1960's when Dempster was in his mid-40's.

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Jim Dempster's books on evolution, from his personal library. Kindly donated (Jan 2018) by the Dempster family. Destined for the planned Patrick Matthew Museum in Scotland.

Book Reviews

Patrick Matthew and Natural Selection. By W. J. Dempster. Paul Harris

Publishing, Edinburgh, 1983. 154 pp.

G. J. Tee {here}

Janet Browne {here}

Brian. J. Ford (here) (and here

The Dempster Files

The Patrick Matthew blogspot has several blog posts containing personal correspondence, press cuttings and other materials kindly supplied by his family.



Solver of the problem of species

In 1831, the Scottish laird, farmer, orchard owner, grain dealer and botanist, Patrick Matthew, authored 'On Naval Timber and Arboriculture.'  Matthew's book is universally recognised as the first publication to contain the complete hypothesis of the theory of natural selection. New evidence proves that both Darwin and Wallace lied by pretending they had no prior-knowledge of it; both committed science fraud by plagiarising Matthew's discovery, his name for it, his examples of the process in nature compared to culture. They even ripped-off his unique creative perspective.


Darwin is a counterfeit orginator who told six lies to achieve primacy over Matthew.

Darwin and Wallace aped Matthew's unique discovery, its name, hypothesis and many of his key explantions.

Matthew was born on a farm called Rome. The site is now in the grounds of the Palace of Scone.

The discovery of natural selection was made at Gourdiehill, the seat of Matthew Esquire.

Golden Pippin Apples

Science swindler Darwin's unpublished notes from 1837 reveal that Matthew's subject of apple trees - was the  first  he wrote on  evolution. Extensive additional evidence proves he reverse-engineered Matthew's discovery to pretend it was his own.