There is a story behind everything. You just have to dig deep enough to find the facts, follow the facts, weigh those facts without fear or favour and then share them for the benefit of veracious human knowledge. The problem we currently have in the history of science is that Darwin fans do not want the empirical fact led truth. Instead they want their "truth" and the multitude of publications in the so called "Darwin Industry" helps them find it in order to create more Darwin fans to sell more publications for the benefit of the Darwin Industry.

How do we solve the science problem of the supposed later dual independent conceptions of a prior published theory? 

How did Charles Darwin and Alfred Wallace in 1858/59 supposedly independently and miraculously replicate what Darwin, Wallace, de Beer, Mayer, Dawkins and many other top biologists said was essentially the exact same full theory of evolution by natural selection and the very same four essential words to name it (natural process of selection) that BigData analysis shows Patrick Matthew originated and had published in 1831? And why, in light of the new data that busts Darwin and Wallace's excuse that Matthew's theory was unread before 1860, are the Darwin dependent Linnean Society and the Royal Society now shamefully publishing desperately silly papers by cyberstalking obscene criminals, workplace harassment criminals and repeat research plagiarists that claim Matthew's theory is now suddenly and yet ever so conveniently to be argued to be significantly different to that published by Darwin and Wallace?

The World's Biggest Science Fraud by Plagiary, Lies and their Facilitation 

The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be measured by how it treats painful empirically evidenced, proven facts.

Data doesn't lie. People lie. Charles Darwin lied. The data proves it. Charles Darwin plagiarised. The data proves it. This is not a "fringe belief", it's an independently verifiable fact that is verifiable by empirical data in the historic print of the publication record.  It is not just that Matthew got there first but Darwin was a better communicator, as so many ill-informed group-think apologists have been misled and in turn misled others to blindly believe. It is that new empirical BigData analysis now proves beyond all reasonable doubt that Darwin and Wallace deliberately stole Matthew's theory and were assisted in doing so by Darwin's powerful friends, then lied to cover it up and then platform blocked Matthew from talking about his own theory. 

In the future, big data analysis, of the kind that bust the Darwin supermyth means history will become a cross referenced, properly triangulated verifiable science and no longer an art.

Readers of this website can buy a copy of Science Fraud at a 40% discount off the current retail price. The book provides all the independently verifiable data, supported by academic references to sources, that proves both Charles Darwin and Alfred Wallace plagiarised the theory of evolution by natural selection.

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The world has been misled in a most extraordinary way by those who pretend to themselves and to others that they are scientists, historians and proper academic scholars. This is one of the biggest and most embarrassing scandals in the history of science. 

“It’s like taking one history, and putting it right on top of another, like taking one man’s legacy and putting it right on top of another, until one day, it gets pushed down so deep, buried so deep, can’t no one ever find it no more.”


                                                                                                                              The Burial (2023) by Maggie Betts.

The factual story of Patrick Matthew v Charles Darwin is a drama about science fraud, abuse of power, injustice and the pseudo scholarship of the so called "Darwin Industry" and its misled apologists.

Truth is truth and this website deals with particular 100 percent verifiable empirical facts of what was actually written down and then published long before Charles Darwin and his "Establishment" and corrupt East India Company cronies perverted the truth with empirically proven deliberate serial lies. Darwin and Wallace claimed in their defence as replicators that no single person read Matthew's (1831) book and the theory in it. They lied, deliberately. Proven lies, because Darwin and Wallace were prior informed by Matthew (1860) in published print with empirical evidence that the opposite was true about who read and who cited his book containing the original theory of the "natural process of selection" (Matthew 1831).

Darwin and Wallace each deliberately plagiarized and then claimed Matthew's theory as their own in order to slyly steal it from Matthew and from Scotland. 

Today it is newly discovered that, as opposed to the supermyth originally penned as a deliberate lie by Darwin that no single person read it, at least 30 people actually cited Matthew's 1831 book in the literature before Darwin or Wallace wrote on the topic of evolution by natural selection. Among these men were Darwin's and Wallace's admitted greatest influencers and facilitators and their influencer's influencers. (See an academic article on this newly discovered routes for knowledge contamination fact: Here.)

Such dysology as the "Darwin Science Fraud" is not right, or normal in science and the creative industries, and it is certainly not scientific, but is perhaps not so extraordinary as we might assume. There are quite a few similar cases of creative, intellectual, discovery, and knowledge breakthrough theft that have come to light in recent years, but there are too many of them to deal with in depth on this website.

Read about The Patrick Matthew Effect in Science (2023 Springer Book Chapter) by Dr Mike Sutton and Profesor Mark Griffiths.  HERE

I am delighted to see the importance of the Spinach Supermyth, which I (Dr Mike Sutton) discovered in 2009, is now positively affirmed as a problem in the British Medical Journal in 2023. The free PDF of that important article is available to download HERE The BMJ page on it is HERE (archived HERE)

The Wikipedia page on Patrick Matthew has been substantially written by irrational fact denial Darwin superfans. These toxic anti-academic individuals have desperately sought to deny and delete and misrepresent published research by lies, other mischievous falsehoods, plagiarism and workplace stalker malicious harassment behaviour. Wikipedia brute censorship of the classic and newly unearthed empirical data of what Matthew wrote, who read and cited it it pre-1858, what Darwin replicated from Matthew's work and the proven lies Darwin wrote about who read Matthew before Darwin and Wallace (1858/59) replicated his 1831 breakthrough is a disgrace.

The Darwin Supermyth is bust

It is a proven fallacy that Charles Darwin and Alfred Wallace (1858/59) were each first to independently conceive the full theory of evolution by natural selection. This is because top Darwin experts such as Richard Dawkins and Darwin medal winners Sir Gavin de Beer and Ernst Mayr (to name just a few) write that Patrick Matthew (1831) was in fact first into print with the entire theory. The myth that Darwin should have priority for Matthew's prior published theory is based on the falsehood knowingly spread by Darwin that no single person read Matthew's theory. In fact Darwin's and Wallace's influencers and their influencers, among others also newly discovered, had read and cited Matthew's book. For these facts and many more in this story read the book Science Fraud.

More than one artificial intelligence system finds Charles Darwin guilty of knowingly lying about Matthew's (1831) prior readership. Hence the Supermyth of Darwin being an honest originator of the theory of evolution by natural selection is busted by the empirical data and logical reasoning based on it.

See the empirical data on this topic Here

Artificial Intelligence (A.I.) concludes in 2023 that Science will eventually evolve to accept that before 1858 Patrick Matthew, the real originator of the full and complete theory of evolution by the process of natural selection, influenced Charles Darwin with his 1831 book containing it.  The image below is from ChatGPT.

A 2023 blog post has a wealth of further feedback from ChatGPT on the question of Charles Darwin's science fraud by plagiary and lies. See the questions and the A.I. response to those questions here.

Science Fraud: A Video 

"Science Fraud" was released in the USA June 15 2022. Watch this Amazon.com USA video about the book HERE

Publisher Curtis Press is offering complimentary review copies to scientists and journalists interested in reporting on the world's biggest science fraud by plagiary and serial lies.

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When it comes to upsetting facts many members of the public do not want the truth to reach them. They would rather live in a cosy state of denial. Then there are those who want to know the facts so they can weigh them rationally, think and act accordingly for their own long-term benefit and for the general good of all humanity. Lastly, there are those who know the facts but want to keep them from you for as long as possible, whilst they seek, or else continue, to reap the rewards of dishonesty and dysology.

This book relies entirely on what Professor Michael Streven's calls the "Iron Rule" of science, namely empirical facts, and new BigData unearthed ones at that, to prove beyond all reasonable doubt that Charles Darwin and Alfred Wallace plagiarised the theory of evolution by natural selection from Patrick Matthew.

Science Fraud: Darwin’s Plagiarism of Patrick Matthew’s Theory by Mike Sutton.

"Science Fraud" reveals how malicious New Data hater Darwin superfans and others, facilitated by members of the Darwin Industry, have committed repeat research plagiarism, tried multiple times without success to have the author fired from a senior academic position, and spread misinformation via Wikipedia and elsewhere in an attempt to re-bury the cast iron bombshell New Data on Darwin's and Wallace's plagiarism and associated lies. 

The World’s Biggest Science Fraud

Is it a myth, a fact or something in-between?

1. Is it true that Darwin and/or Wallace originated the full theory of macroevolution by natural selection? 

Answer = No! It's a myth because Charles Darwin and Alfred Wallace, and many other top experts on evolution (such as Matthew himself, de Beer, Mayr and Dawkins) all agreed Matthew (1831) was first into print, decades before Darwin or Wallace with the full theory.

2. Is it true that Matthew must have failed to influence Darwin and/or Wallace with his theory because no naturalists / no single person had read Matthew's theory before he claimed his priority in a published letter of 1860?

Answer = No! It's a myth started as an empirical proven lie by Darwin in all editions of the Origin of Species from third edition onwards and parroted by the credulous and adoring scientific community ever since. In 1860 Matthew's published letter informed Darwin directly that his book had been reviewed by the famous naturalist and biologist Loudon, reviewed in various periodicals and newspapers and was read by an esteemed professor who could not teach it nor write about it for fear of pillory punishment, it being heretical in the first half of the 19th century. Sutton's research originally and uniquely identifies 30+ people who read and then cited Matthew's 1831 book in published print before Darwin and Wallace replicated the original theory in it. This list includes Wallace's admitted greatest influencer, Robert Chambers (who met and corresponded with Darwin pre-1858) and the editor of Wallace's famous Sarawak paper - Selby. Loudon edited and published two of Blyth's most influential papers, read by Darwin, and Darwin admitted Blyth was his most prolific correspondent on the topic of species and varieties.

3. Is it true, what Darwin claimed in the Origin of Species and elsewhere, that Matthew was an obscure writer and that Matthew's theory was only briefly given in the scattered pages of an appendix to an entirely irrelevant book on the topic?   

Answer = No! It's a myth. Again this myth was started as a published lie by Darwin. Firstly, if Matthew was an obscure writer then how is it that pre-1858 Matthew was cited in the Encyclopedia Britannica and and elsewhere in that publication his 1831 book enjoyed a prominent 1/2 page block advert and why is it that it is newly proven that before 1858 Darwin held in his own hands at least five publications that cited Matthew's 1831 book. Darwin lied about Matthew's theory being limited to an appendix because his own letter to Lyell on that topic said it would be splitting hairs to admit the truth (he knew, because Matthew had shown him in his published letter of reply to Darwin) was otherwise. Moreover, trees and plants are at the core of the theory of evolution by natural selection. Darwin was obsessed by trees and the private notebook of books he read proves it. 

4. Is it true that Darwin originated the term "process of natural selection"

Answer = Something in between. Big Data research does reveal he was apparently first into print with that term. But it is a four word shuffle of Matthew's 1831 original term of the very exact same meaning "natural process of selection". And Chambers (who cited Matthew's 1831 book before writing his own influential 1844 book on organic evolution) was apparently first to be second into print in 1859 with Matthew's original four word term.

5. Is it true that Darwin was the first to use artificial selection as an analogue of natural selection as an analogical explanation to explain the process of natural selection? 

Answer = No! It's a myth. Matthew was first to do that. He was then followed by Wallace who used it in his Sarawak paper. Darwin replicated Matthew's explanatory analogy in his private essay of 1844 and to open Chapter One in the Origin of Species. In that private essay Darwin even replicated Matthew's highly idiosyncratic analogy of difference between trees raised in nurseries versus trees growing wild in nature.

6. Is it true that Darwin was a remarkably honest man and genius original thinker?

Answer = No! It's a myth, proven by each and every one of the empirical fact led five answers to the questions above. Darwin (and Wallace too) was a replicator of a prior published theory and all paths of those who read and cited Matthew's book lead to Darwin and to Wallace and to their known and admitted influencers, friends and to their influencer's influencers. Darwin, with assistance from Wallace, and others, facilitated and enabled by the bone-headed bias and credulity of the scientific community, committed the worlds greatest science fraud by plagiary and lies.

New Big Data research has uncovered Darwin’s science fraud by plagiarism to reveal new evidence, to prove at least on the balance of reasonable probability, and surely beyond all reasonable doubt, that Charles Darwin (1858/59) and Alfred Wallace (1858) plagiarised the theory of evolution by natural selection from Patrick Matthew’s (1831) book ‘On Naval Timber and Arboriculture’ (hereafter NTA).

Facts, newly unearthed in the publication record, overturn currently accepted ‘knowledge beliefs’ on who has complete priority for this hugely important scientific theory.

What are the main currently accepted scientific consensus ‘knowledge claims’ in this area?

  1. Darwin, Wallace and Matthew, and other leading experts in the field all agreed the theory Darwin and Wallace claimed as their own is, in all important regards, the same as Matthew’s complete prior origination. See: Matthew (1860a; 1860b) Darwin (1860, 1861), Wallace (1879 1879a), de Beer (1962), Mayr (1982), Hamilton (2001), Dawkins (2010), and Rampino (2011).
  2. Darwin and Wallace each arrived at the theory of natural selection independently of each other and entirely independently of Matthew’s prior publication of it.
  3. On the claimed grounds no one at all, no naturalists, and no one who could have influenced Darwin or Wallace had prior read Matthew’s theory before Darwin’s and Wallace’s Linnean Society presentations on the theory on 1858 and Darwin’s (1859) replication of it in The Origin of Species, Darwin has been granted strangely unspoken-of unofficial exemption from the Arago Ruling (see Strivens 2003 on the rule) that whoever is first into published print with a breakthrough in science has full priority for that breakthrough.
  4. Point 3 above is supported on the widely held belief of Darwin’s remarkable honesty as a human being and naturalist of the highest integrity.

How do irrefutable newly unearthed facts overturn the above points 2, 3 and 4?

Point 2 – refuted by the facts

(a). Big Data analysis (see Sutton and Griffiths 2018 for the method used) reveals Matthew was first to coin the term ‘natural process of selection’. He did so because his theory is about what happens: naturally as a process leading to selection of favourable inheritable characteristics making an organism most circumstance suited to survive and pass on those favourable characteristics to its offspring. Matthew wrote that entirely new species could emerge in this way. Darwin (1859) was first to four-word-shuffle Matthew’s exact same four words to essentially re-brand it: the ‘process of natural selection.’ Thereafter, in every edition of the Origin of Species, Darwin referred to it as “my theory.”

(b). Eiseley (1979) discovered that in a private unpublished essay, Darwin (1844) replicated Matthew’s highly idiosyncratic important explanatory analogy of the difference between plants raised in nurseries versus those growing wild in "nature". So important is that analogy between artificial and natural selection, Wallace (1855) used it in his famous Sarawak paper and Darwin used it to in the first paragraph of the opening chapter of the Origin of Species to make the theory understandable.

(c). Selby, a naturalist well-networked with Darwin’s friends and influencers, was Chief Editor of the journal that published Wallace’s (1855) Sarawak paper on evolution. Most importantly, it is newly discovered and revealed that Selby cited NTA in 1842!

This major research finding on Selby has been repeat plagiarised. Twice in the disgraced Biological Journal of the Linnean Society (see details here). Joachim Dagg who plagiarised the Selby research finding in the Biological Journal of the Linnean has a malicious and very peculiar obsesive blog site, (here) (archived here). The Selby data has also been plagiarised in the Journal of Creation (here), meaning the Biological Journal of the Linnean Society is not alone in its disgraceful pseudo-scholarly plagiarism facilitation. 


Point 3 – refuted by the facts

  • In addition to (c) above, Darwin's fraud by plagiary and lies is proven following the results of ground-breaking Big Data analysis, which disproves the ‘no naturalist’/’no one’ read NTA pre-1858 belief. Big Data research proves NTA was cited in the literature by at least 29 individuals. Apart from Loudon, these were all originally found by Sutton’s Big Data research (2014a, 2014b, 2015). Seven of those who cited NTA were the naturalists, John Loudon (1832), Robert Chambers (1832), Edmund Murphy (1834), Cuthbert Johnson (1842), Prideaux John Selby (1842), John Norton (1851) and William Jameson (1853). 
  • The figure below depicts, five of the seven—Loudon, Chambers, Johnson, Selby and Jameson were part of Darwin's social circle. Three—Selby, Johnson, and Chambers—were in his inner circle, through personal meetings and correspondence (Chambers), shared contacts, and mutual membership of scientific associations.


Point 4 – refuted by the facts

  • His deliberate fraud is proven because Darwin told several unequivocable lies about who read Matthew’s publication, where the theory is in it and more besides about his own prior influencers. As one example, Matthew (1860) told Darwin NTA was reviewed by Loudon and an unnamed professor who was afraid to write or teach his theory for fear of being pilloried for promoting heresy, and that NTA was banned for the same reason from Perth Public Library. Yet Darwin (1860, 1861) continued to lie that Matthew’s theory was unread before 1859. The truth of the matter is that Loudon (1832) wrote of NTA “One of the subjects discussed in the appendix is the puzzling one of the origin of species and varieties…”




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"There is truth and there are lies. Lies told for power and for profit."

                                                       Joe Biden (US President's inaugural speech January 20th 2021)

In light of independently verifiable newly discovered facts, published in peer reviewed social and natural science academic journals, members of the scientific establishment community, enabled, abetted and facilitated by employees and other agents of mainstream publishers, are Trumpesquely arguing that the truth is a lie and lies are the truth. These people continue to give oxygen to the 100 per cent proven deliberate lies published by Charles Darwin that the theory of evolution by natural selection is his theory because, he lied, no one read Patrick Matthew's book that published the entire theory years before he wrote a word on the topic anywhere.

Darwin is proven to have known other naturalists read and cited Matthew’s (1831) book and wrote about the original ideas on macroevolution by natural selection in it, decades before Darwin or Wallace each claimed it as their own original dually independent conceptions.

More so, those naturalists who had earlier read and cited Matthew’s book were at the very epicentre of influence on the dishonest replicating work of Darwin and Wallace.

Post-truth is pre-fascism, Trump's big election steal lie had major consequences for the USA. Darwin's big "my theory" lie had major consequences for the entire world and probably led to the holocaust.

What is the best way to weigh the veracity and value of new discoveries that challenge orthodox, mainstream, establishment, majority, expert, current knowledge beliefs? The answer is to look at all the new evidence objectively and honestly to see if it has validity. We must not cherry pick only little bits of it and pretend all of it does not exist to hoodwink ourselves and others with half-baked cheap, dishonest, and easy arguments. Honesty and integrity are the right way to go about examining and weighing it. If you do it in any other way than that then there will be a cost. Because the truth always comes back around. Why then do people take the dishonest and corrupt route instead? The answer is because most people, especially weak people - who make poor politicians, awful scientists, and dreadful scholars - like certainty. And they like that certainty because certainty is their comforter. Their certaintly is a story they were told and re-tell themselves and others, because the more complex reality of the world outside their head is too much for them to handle. Those who deny the existence of verifiable facts that disconfirm their cherished "stories" have never and will never grow up. They will never be complete adults or scientific scholars.

But there it was, the whole history of science, a clear story of continuously new and changing explanations of old facts. The time spans of permanence seemed completely random, he could see no order in them. Some scientific truths seemed to last for centuries, others for less than a year. Scientific truth was not dogma, good for all eternity, but a temporal quantitative entity that could be studied like anything else.’

                                                            (Pirsig, R. M. 1974, Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance: An Inquiry                                                                 Into Values, p. 108).                    

The science books, history books, university lecture theatres, the school classroom all teach that Darwin and Wallace independently discovered the theory of evolution by natural selection and first published on it in their separate papers of 1858, with Darwin’s Origin of Species following in 1859. The very best of them will show you that recognised member of the great Scottish Enlightenment, Scottish farmer, listed botanist, arboriculturist and forester, Patrick Matthew, got there first in 1831 with the original fully published theory, which is something both Darwin and Wallace would later be compelled to fully admit. But where you have been misled, and where they continue to try to mislead you with lies and nonsense (have a look at the Wikipedia page on Patrick Matthew, for example, more on that here) is with Darwin's proven deliberate alternate lies that no one whatsoever / no naturalist read Matthew's theory before he and Wallace amazingly replicated it. The list below, List 1 from my book Nullius in Verba: Darwin's greatest secret (2014, 2017) reveals who we now newly know did cite Matthew's (1831) book in the published literature pre-1858. Apart from the famous naturalist Loudon, who Matthew told Darwin had cited his work and the review in the United Services Magazine and in the Metropolitan, these men (NOTE: several such as Selby, Chambers and Jameson were famous 19th century naturalists), anonymous authors, publications and their citations were detected in 2013-14 (with some even newer additions, labelled accordingly). All were detected in the historic publication record using the IDD big data detection method. Moreover, besides being first released in my 2014/ 2017 book these discoveries from my research have been disseminated at many high profile public lectures since 2014 (e.g. here in Conway Hall London) and published in expert peer reviewed articles (e.g. here and here), and in the national press (see the list of press articles here). Others have since plagiarised my Selby (who was a friend of Darwin's father, editor of Wallace's Sarwak paper and close friend of Darwin's friend  and regular correspondent, Jenyns, amongst many other Darwin connections) cited Matthew's 1831 book in 1842 discovery. That research finding has been twice plagiarised in the Biological Journal of the Linnean Society, which - now with great shameful irony is the re-named yet direct descendant journal where Darwin and Wallace, in 1858, first plagiarised Matthew's prior-published theory (latest facts here).

If allowed to get away with such gross academic misconduct and science fraud by cherry picking plagiary, what original and groundbreaking data next from my research will such jealous people effectively pass off as their own discoveries in order to gain false glory and so corrupt the history of the history of scientific discovery?

The longer scientists, historians of science, others, and their pseudo scholarly platforms - such as Wikipedia and some academic journals - publish their lies, slyly omit and delete the important newly unearthed independently verifiable facts and publish instead other deliberately obfuscating falsehoods on this topic, the greater their embarrassment and loss of intellectual capital will be. Others will gain from that anti-scientific and unethical, unprofessional sly dysology.

List 1 (From Nullius in Verba: Darwin's greatest secret 2014 See blog here)

Those who/that cited Matthew (1831) before Darwin's (1858) and Wallace's (1858) plagiarism of Matthew's theory in the Linnean Journal, where they further stole his unique terminology and explanatory examples, and before Darwin's plagiarising 'Origin of Species' (1859)

1. Matthew's (1831) Edinburgh publisher Adam Black
2. Matthew's (1831) London publisher Longman, Rees, Orme, Brown and Green 
3. The Farmer’s Journal – Currently unknown reviewer (1831)
4. The Perthshire Courier - Currently unknown reviewer (1831)
5. The Elgin Courier - Currently unknown reviewer (18311)
6. The Country Times - Currently unknown reviewer (1831)
7. The United Service Journal and Naval and Military Magazine (1831) – unknown reviewer
8. The Edinburgh Literary Journal – unknown reviewer (1831)
9. The Metropolitan – unknown reviewer (1831)
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Hello, my name is Mike Sutton. I set up this website about Patrick Matthew in the interests of the veracious history of scientific discovery and for those working in the field of plagiarising science fraud research. I have a BA (hons) law and PhD in the social sciences from the University of Central Lancashire (formerly Preston Polytechnic). I worked for 14 years as a senior researcher (criminologist) in the London Home Office branch of the UK civil service Policing and Research Unit and for 17 years as a senior academic at Nottingham Trent University before retiring in 2018. I am currently rated by artificial intelligence and human experts  (on December 2020) the 25th most influential academic of all time in Criminal Justice and, likewise, the 22nd most influential criminologist of all time. And for the record, for what any of that is worth, I was in 2020 rated by the same artificial intelligence and human experts as the 96,790th most influential person who ever lived - to date at least. Charles Darwin is rated 1st. Patrick Matthew is not even rated. So much for ratings then.

Since some fanatical fact denial Darwin worshipping authors, journals and websites appear extremely biased and have a cultish tendency to ignore disconfirming verifiable facts for their cherished beliefs, based on the biased belief that anyone criticising them is religious, for the record I have been an atheist since the age of 14 years. But leaving aside all arguments about religious belief, the telling scientific and history of science question I would like you to consider when assessing the evidence presented on this website is what tends to first happen when the spirit of critical research provides new data that takes the place of much loved but mere authoritative beliefs, which people believe in only because other people they admire believe them? I expect you know the answer to that, and so it is in that spirit of veracity that I ask you to explore the many pages of this website to examine the difference between reasoned and difficult to obtain new independently verifiable hard evidence, and the rational thinking that follows it, versus beliefs in the story of the discovery of evolution by natural selection that have now been debunked by newly unearthed, independently verifiable data in the historic publication record.

Top ethical research biologist at USA National Institute of Standards and Technology Dr Arlin Stoltzfus writes on the heat generated among fact denial Darwin worshippers by the New Data on Darwin's science fraud by plagiary and serial lying.

Get the Facts, Not the Fact Denial Rhetoric of Biased Childlike Charles Darwin Superfans

The world's leading Darwinists, including Royal Society Darwin Medal Winners Sir Gavin de Beer and Ernst Mayr, informed the World that no one whatsoever / no biologist read Patrick Matthew's (1831) original prior-published theory of evolution by natural selection before Darwin and Wallace (1858) and Darwin (1859) replicated it and claimed it as their own. They are all wrong.

Whilst on this website, you can read newly unearthed findings on what is not, as credulous or dishonest Darwin Industry fans and scholars, want you to believe, just an innocent amazingly co-incidental dual replication, but Charles Darwin's and Alfred Wallace's deliberate plagiarising science fraud by glory theft of Patrick Matthew's original prior published theory, unique terminology, supporting examples and essential explanatory analogy of differences between natural and artificial selection.

You may be interested to learn about my remarkable new discovery that Darwin’s and Wallace's friends, associates, influencers and influencer’s influencers both read and then cited Matthew's (1831) book containing his theory, before Darwin or Wallace so much as wrote a word on the topic in their private notebooks. That unique discovery was made with the IDD Big Data research method. Furthermore, you can assess the evidence that means it is proven, with reference to the historical publication record, that Darwin lied when he claimed alternately that no naturalists / no one whatsoever read Matthew’s original ideas before Darwin and Wallace replicated them. Matthew had already informed him that the exact opposite is true. Therefore, if the remarkably simple yet precise method used to make these discoveries is of interest, 'Distinguished Professor of Psychology' Dr Mark Griffiths and I have written an expert peer reviewed academic article for you. It describes the IDD method and provides further examples of its unmatched myth busting power. Most importantly, we now know of the previously buried literature on who read and cited Matthew pre-Darwin's and Wallace's replication in 1858 and Darwin's more detailed replication of 1859. Thankfully, we now know at last where to find that literature and what it contains. However, the IDD method no longer works. We don't know why. Perhaps the loss will not be permanent and is due to Google handing its search engine over to its autonomous deep-learning AI program, Rank Brain. You can read about all of that, and the IDD method, in our article here.

In the interests of a veracious history of scientific discovery and influence, I feel very lucky that I was able to exploit the window of opportunity Google provided before that window was closed to us. The easily independently verifiable references to the newly unearthed historic literature, where Matthew's 1831 book and the ideas in it, were in fact cited before 1858 can be found in my book Nullius in Verba: Darwin's Greatest Secret. The list has grown. Read "Science Fraud" for the latest research findings

Ok, so that's the "how I did" it bit explained. Now let's continue from the top. The simple fact is that new Big Data analysis has uncovered dreadfully unwelcome facts in the publication record. Those independently verifiable facts completely disconfirm prior "expert knowledge" claims that no naturalist / no one whatsoever read Patrick Matthew's (1831) prior published original theory of evolution by natural selection before Charles Darwin and Alfred Wallace replicated and then each claimed it as their own supposedly independent conception.

As a result of my original research, we now newly know that excluding many prominent advertisements for it, at least 25 people cited Matthew's book before Darwin's and Wallace's 1858 and Darwin's 1859 replications. Seven were naturalists. Darwin knew four of those seven and three of those four played well known prominent roles influencing Darwin and Wallace. Furthermore, to necessarily repeat the point already made, it is proven that Darwin lied when he claimed Matthew's theory as his and Wallace's own on illicit grounds, being against the Arago Principle in science, that no one read it before they replicated it. In fact, in 1860, Matthew had informed Darwin in the published press that the exact opposite was the case and that naturalists, including the famous John Loudon, had read it.

What we newly know from the 19th century publication record is that other now named naturalists besides Loudon cited Matthew's book before 1858. 

Loudon edited Blyth's influential papers of 1835 and 1836 (which influenced both Darwin and Wallace) their friends, influencers, influencer's influencers - including Selby the journal editor of Wallace’s famous Sarawak paper (which we know from his letters Darwin read before penning the Origin of Species in 1859) cited Matthew pre-1858. Moreover, the geologist and famous editor and author of the Vestiges of Creation, Robert Chambers (Wallace's greatest influencer, who also influenced and met with Darwin pre-1858) had read and prior cited Mathew's (1831) book and mentioned the ideas in it in the published literature. Moreover, Loudon's journal also published an article by Selby, which Darwin made great note of pre 1858 (details here). And we now newly know Selby (1844) cited Matthew's  book many times. The routes for Matthewian knowledge contamination of Darwin's plagiarising brain are legion. 

All those prominent citations (and many more besides) of Matthew's 1831 book by naturalists and others were published long before Darwin or Wallace so much as wrote a word on the topic in their private notebooks, never mind anything they had published on it.

These two expert peer reviewed academic journal articles set the record straight with the 'New data':

1. On Knowledge Contamination: New Data Challenges Claims of Darwin’s and Wallace’s Independent Conceptions of Matthew’s Prior-Published Hypothesis

2. The hi-tech detection of Darwin’s and Wallace’s possible science fraud: Big data criminology re-writes the history of contested discovery.

A verifiable timeline Power Point presentation on scientists and historians who have reacted to the Supermyth of Darwin's originality and on Darwin's lies about, and plagiarism of, Matthew's original breakthrough, including the New Data on who we now newly know read it who Darwin and Wallace knew and was influenced by, can be found here.

Mike Sutton November 2018.

Archived Goodreads top fraud quotes Here

Get the facts on the disgraceful malicious, anti-science, harassment behaviour

of Darwin's Lackey Lads

You can read Professor Trevor Palmer's review essay on the facts of Darwin's and Wallace's plagiarising science fraud - elsewhere on this webste - click here

Read the newly discovered paradigm puncturing facts about who Darwin and Wallace knew and were influenced by, and who their influencers were influenced by, who really did read Patrick Matthew’s (1831) prior published original conception of macroevolution by natural selection before Darwin and Wallace (1858) and Darwin (1859) replicated it years later. See the absolute proof that Darwin deliberately lied in his own defence by claiming Matthew's original breakthrough went unread until after his and Wallace's claimed independent conceptions and, otherwise, amazingly miraculous dual independent replications of the full theory, supporting examples, unique analogies and highly idiosyncratic original terminology 27 years later.

Abridged and updated, the new paperback (Vol. 1) of Nullius in Verba: Darwin's greatest secret is now available from all good bookshops and libraries and from all Amazon stores worldwide.

E.g:  Amazon.com and Amazon.co.uk

Darwin lied about who really did read Patrick Matthew's prior-published theory of macroevolution by natural selection. That fact is now in a peer reviewed science journal - Here

Surpassing the failure of traditional Darwin scholar rubber thimble paper turning in the libraries of the world, the cutting edge BigData IDD research method, exploiting the high technology of the Google library project of some 35 million searchable publications, enabled me to originally discover facts that 100 per cent  prove Charles Darwin and Alfred Wallace fallaciously claimed that no one read Matthew's prior-published discovery and explanatory examples of natural selection before they replicated both. And the "New Facts" 100 per cent prove it, because the proof is in the previously undiscovered 19th century printed words in publications that absolutely prove Matthew's book, and the original ideas in it, were cited by influential naturalists known both to them and their influencers, before they replicated those same ideas - claiming they alighted upon them independently of Matthew's prior publication of the same. Darwin would  later fallaciously excuse himself from 1860 onward by claiming those ideas were unread before he and Wallace replicated them. Darwin wrote that lie after Matthew had informed him of two influential naturalists who read and understood his original ideas, and their significance, and that his book had been banned, because of those same bombshell ideas, by Perth Public Library in Scotland.

This website explains the significance of the New Data about who Darwin and Wallace each knew who really did read Patrick Matthew's (1831) original and full prior published hypothesis of natural selection, and then influenced their thinking on the topic, before Darwin and Wallace (1858) replicated and claimed Matthew's ideas as their own independent discovery.

  Evolutionary biologists appear to be in a classic 'state of denial' over the  new facts about who Darwin and Wallace knew who did read and then cite Matthew's ideas before 1858.

You are invited to peruse what I have written on this website, study the New Data, and make up your own mind.

                                                          Dr Mike Sutton (2015)

In 1831, Patrick Matthew's book 'On Naval Timber and Arboriculture' was published. It contained the first full conception of the theory of macroevolution by natural selection. Matthew uniquely named it 'the natural process of selection'. Then, 27 years later, Darwin replicated Matthew’s original idea and many of his explanatory examples. Darwin claimed to have done so independently of anyone else, failed to cite Matthew and uniquely four-word-shuffled Matthew’s unique term into 'process of natural selection' – which is the only possible grammatically correct equivalent use of the same four words in Matthew's original term for his discovery. The naturalist John Loudon - a world renowned and noted botanist whose work was well known to Darwin and his best friend Joseph Hooker,  his father William Hooker and their mutual friend John Lindley - published his review of Matthew's book. Loudon (1832) wrote that Matthew appeared to have something original to say on 'the origin of species' no less!

Loudon’s (1832, p.703) review of Matthew’s book, where he writes [my underlined emphasis]:

One of the subjects discussed in the appendix is the puzzling one of the origin of species and varieties; and if the author has hereon originated no original views (and of this we are far from certain), he has certainly exhibited his own in an original manner.” 

On 9th January 2016, (Sutton 2016) it was discovered that, for 13 years, at great reputational expense to Matthew, Professor John Lindley - a correspondent of both Darwin and Wallace with a deep interest in evolution of species -  hoodwinked the world that he and Lobb and Veitch were the first to introduce the hugely admired giant Californian redwood into Britain and the first to propagate them. The Lindley-Lobb Myth was only debunked in the press in 1866 -  three years after Veitch died, two years after Lobb's demise and exactly a year after Lindley's death. In fact, Patrick Matthew and his son John are proven to be first to introduce the giant redwoods into Britain. They did so in 1843. And Patrick Matthew was first to propagate them. Most significantly, the magazine, of which Lindley was Editor, had long held a letter from Matthew that proved it!

The obvious and significant facts reveal that Patrick Matthew was a repeat victim of glory theft by fallacy coining - first by Lindley (1853) then by his correspondent Alfred Wallace (1855; 1858),  then by their mutual correspondent Darwin (1858, 1859). In addition,  in 1867,  Matthew was victimized again. This time by unknown members of the British Association for Advancement of Science - who platform blocked him from giving his conference-accepted paper on his prior-published discovery of macroevolution by natural selection  at the Annual Meeting, held that year in Dundee (See: Sutton 2016).  Because he was prevented from presenting his paper, the rules of the 'British Association' ensured it could not be included in the published conference papers. Notably, Lindley (then deceased),  Wallace and Darwin were all members of the 'British Association' as were Darwin's friends and associates, who were also present. Wallace was present, as was Charles Lyell (guest of honour) and Robert Chambers. This multiple victimisation of Matthew, at different times, but for the same academic 'crime' of significant and delinquent 'immortal great glory theft ', by Lindley, Wallace, Darwin and members of the 'British Association' - three keenly co-operative co-correspondents and a science institution, with a shared understanding that species evolved, is most remarkably unique in the history of scientific discovery if it is only a mere multiple coincidence.

Shocking News for all of us who thought we knew that Darwin discovered natural selection

The 155 year old paradigm that Darwin and Wallace discovered natural selection independently of Matthew's (1831) prior and original publication of the full hypothesis is in fact premised on credulous Darwinist belief in the self-serving lie written by their namesake in his own defence in the Gardener's Chronicle in 1860, and in his subsequent lies from the third edition of the Origin of Species onward (Darwin 1861), that no naturalist read Matthew's original ideas on natural selection until he brought them to Darwin's attention in 1860.

The independently verifiable facts take us in the opposite direction from disconfirmed Darwinist spin.

In point of fact, Darwin knew otherwise when he wrote his lies, about Matthew's ideas being unread, because Matthew clearly informed Darwin, before he wrote them, that naturalists - such as John Loudon, for example -  had read those ideas. Indeed, as Matthew further  explained to Darwin in 1860, an unnamed naturalist, a professor of an esteemed institution, told Matthew that he was afraid to teach the scientific ideas in his 1831 book for fear of pillory punishment for religious heresy. Moreover, Matthew had also prior-informed Darwin that because of his original and heretical ideas on natural selection that his book was banned by the Public Library of Perth in Scotland. Curiously, at the time of writing these words (September 2015), these are disconfirming facts among many others selectively ignored by cherry-picking Darwinists in the highly specific context of their strategic and successful one-sided-spin telling of the story of their namesake's claimed 'independent' discovery of Matthew's prior published ideas. In sum, ludicrous though their claims are, because Matthew's book would have been read in its entirety by many people, including naturalists, Darwinist published spin on this topic, written in the context of denying the existence of any probable routes of Matthewian knowledge contamination of the pre-1858 works of Darwin and Wallace, is premised upon misrepresenting the significance of the suitability of the title of Matthew's book 'On naval Timber and Arboriculture' as one that naturalists would not read, and that even if they did read it they would not appreciate the significance of Matthew’s discovery within its pages, or else would not read the arguments where they were placed within it. Those fallacies were published to prop-up further fallacious yet unequivocal arguments made by Darwin and leading Darwinists that, variously, no naturalists, no biologists, no one known to Darwin or Wallace, or even - apparently most stupidly of all - no one whatsoever, read Matthew's (1831) unique ideas on natural selection before 1860.

Prior to the publication in 2014 and 2016 publication of the original findings in my book - Nullius in Verba: Darwin's greatest secret - the history of discovery of natural selection was founded upon the fixed-false-belief that no biologists, no naturalists and certainly one known to Darwin or Wallace had read Patrick Matthew's(1831) full prior published hypothesis of natural selection before Darwin's and Wallace's (1858) and Darwin's (1859) claimed independent discoveries of the same explanation for all life on Earth.

In fact, prior to their replication of Matthew's 'natural process of selection', along with many of his confirmatory examples and his unique explanatory analogy, Darwin/Wallace corresponded with, were editorially assisted by, admitted to being influenced by and met with other naturalists who - it is newly discovered - had read and cited Matthew's book long before 1858. Of that number, several mentioned Matthew's original ideas on natural selection and one who cited the book, Robert Chambers, went on to write the best-selling book on evolution - the Vestiges of Creation in 1844, which influenced Darwin and Wallace on the topic and was said to have put evolution 'in the air' in the mid 19th century. Hence, probable Matthewian knowledge contamination of the minds of Darwin and Wallace creates a new paradigm in the history of scientific discovery,

To find out about the new hi-tech, BigData research method that discovered the New Data, which debunks, with independently verifiable hard facts, the old unevidenced 'expert' majority view of Darwin's and Wallace's supposed dual, vexatiously anomalous and paradoxical immaculate conceptions of Matthew's prior published hypothesis of natural selection you have arrived at the right website. Please read on and then explore the other pages.

The old - now debunked - so called 'expert' majority view of the discovery of natural selection was that no one read Matthew's original ideas, certainly no naturalists read them, and that Darwin discovered the theory, independently of Matthew's 1831 book, slowly from reading and then thinking about the published literature some years after his voyage on the Beagle, starting around 1837. The same credulous 'experts' believed Wallace's fantastical story to have discovered the theory whilst in a state of malarial fever. In fact, Wallace's (1855) Sarawak paper editor had read and cited Matthew's (1831) book many times in 1842.

To repeat the points made in my introduction to the New Data, above, this paradigm changing new discovery in the history of science busts the unevidenced 155 year old myth, started by Darwin in 1860, that Darwin and Wallace each discovered the theory of natural selection independently of Matthew. Moreover, Darwin's fallacious claim, that before 1860 no naturalist had read Matthew's ideas, is proven, by independently verifiable historic publications, to have been just one of six plainly deliberate and self-serving lies he told in order to achieve priority over the naturalist whose ideas he replicated and referred to, audaciously, as "my theory".

Read the peer reviewed article: "On Knowldge Contamination" Here

Article from the DailyTelegraph Wednesday May 28 2014, p. 12. by the Telegraph's Science Editor Sarah Knapton.

Darwin 'stole' theory of natural selection

Charles Darwin lifted his theory of natural selection from the book by a Scottish fruit farmer, a researcher has claimed.

Decades before On the Origin of Species appeared in 1859, Patrick Matthew  wrote of “the natural process of selection”, explaining how “a law universal in nature” ensured the survival of the fittest.

Darwin, although accepting that Matthew “anticipated” the theory, always denied plagiarism, maintaining that he arrived at the theory indpendently.

But Dr Mike Sutton, a criminolgy expert at Nottingham Trent University believes that Darwin must not only have been aware of Matthew's 1831 book, On Naval Timber and Arboriculture, but borrowed from it heavily.

He has spent years cross-referencing passages in both books, checking citations and studying the figures who influenced both men, and claims to have unearthed information which proves the naturalist lied.

“I have no doubt, based on the weight of new evidence, that Darwin read Matthew's book and then went on to replicate his discovery and key themes.” Dr Sutton said. “Without Patrick Matthew, The Origin of Species would never have been written.”

Darwin's fraud and Nullius in Verba in the national press


Just as new DNA analysis is changing traditional forensic science, in 2014 I pioneered the use of newly available "big data" analysis of the literature to expose the world's greatest  science fraud.

The great science myth, started by Darwin and Wallace, that they each independently discovered the theory of natural selection with no prior knowledge of Patrick Matthew's earlier publication of it, based on the premise spread by Darwin as a lie, is now completely disproven by newly discovered evidence of who they knew who read Matthew's book. We now know these other naturalists and agriculturalists read it because they cited it before Darwin or Wallace wrote a word on the topic. The direct influence of those who cited Matthew's book on Darwin’s and Wallace's work, the damming results of a computer assisted plagiarism analysis, the discovery of six lies that Darwin told to archive the successful spread of the myth of their primacy over Matthew, evidence that Wallace extorted money from Darwin and his friends to keep silent about his role and Darwin's dishonesty, and proof that all eight of Darwin's excuses for supposedly not having read Matthew’s book are fallacious. Darwin also engaged in a protracted and desperate attempt to have the codified rules of scientific priority changed so that better known scientists such as he would be awarded priority over lesser known first discoverers such as Matthew.

As said, Darwin claimed, and Wallace relied on the claim, that they failed to hear of Matthew’s book because no naturalist known to them had read it. Darwin lied! But for 154 years the scientific community simply took his word for it.

Contrary to current Darwinist "knowledge" that no one read Matthew's book, pioneering big data analysis of 30 million+ publications reveals that before Darwin penned the ‘Origin of Species’ at least 52 people read Matthew’s (1831) book ‘On Naval Timber and Arboriculture’, 25 actually cited it in the published literature! Moreover, 19 of those who read it were in Darwin's inner social circle! Of the seven naturalists now newly known to have cited Matthew's book in print, three played pivotal roles at the epicentre of Darwin's and Wallace’s published and unpublished work on natural selection before the ‘Origin of Species’ was first published in 1859.

The existenc of many routes for knowledge contamination from Matthew to Darwin and Wallace is thus uniquely proven in this ground-breaking book, which demontrates that Matthew - on a balance or reasonable probability - influenced both Darwin and Wallace through three major naturalists who cited his book: John Loudon, Prideaux John Selby and Robert Chambers.

Loudon cited Matthew's book in 1832 and then went on to edit and publish Blyth’s highly influential papers of 1835 and 1837 on species variety and organic evolution! In the third edition of the Origin of Species Darwin fully admitted that Blyth was his most helpful and most prolific informant on the subject of species as it related to organic evolution. Chambers cited Matthew's book in 1832 before writing the best-selling 'Vestiges of Creation' in 1844. And both Darwin and Wallace admitted the huge influence of Robert Chambers’s ‘Vestiges of Creation’ on their own work in the field of natural selection. Selby, who cited Matthew’s book many times in 1842, went on to edit and publish Wallace's famous Sarawak paper of 1855! 

Having destroyed the myth of Darwin and Wallace as honest gentleman of science, my book further examines these bombshell discoveries in light of earlier discoveries of Darwin’s dishonesty in stealing the ideas, given in confidence, of his Edinburgh University tutor, Grant, and his earlier discovered notorious editing of the second edition of the ‘Voyages of the Beagle’, which fuelled the myth that he discovered natural selection on the Galapagos Islands rather than a year or two later where he really found it - inside books between 1837 and 1838. If you think Galapagos finch beaks had anything at all to do with the discovery of natural selection then you, like millions of others, have been hoodwinked by Darwin’s great science fraud.‘Nullius’ provides a vivid and authentic depiction of the times, the characters, and the cover-up that endured for over 150 years – until now.More than the clues and newly discovered independently verifiable hard facts, my new book brings to life the colorful personalities, professional rivalries, gargantuan egos, and scramble for notoriety by the people that both championed and challenged the cover-up of Darwin's science fraud at the time. This behind-the-scenes portrayal will be fascinating to anyone who loves a true-life detective story, where in this case, the victim was the truth. I think it will be very surprising if Darwin’s and Wallace’s claims to have each independently discovered the theory of natural selection will survive the only conclusions that can be reached by examination of the newly discovered data.

Read the Scottish Daily Mail article on the bombshell discovery of Darwin's  plagiarism of Matthew's prior published discovery of natural selection on page 21 of the Daily Mail.

Note that one typically ludicrous Darwin worshipping foot washer's fact denial article on a website, which I have archived via the clickable link directly above, masquerades as being open minded yet fails to mention the newly unearthed, verifiable in the historic publication record, data about who Darwin and Wallace knew who cited Matthew's 1831 book and the ideas in it before their replications of his work. This same site then claims my work on these uncomfortable newly unearthed facts is some kind of conspiracy theory and further claims I have made the above image as a faked headline, even though in the 2014 achieved article where I used it I refer my readers to the fact the newspaper story is on page 21, not the front page at all! Furthermore, those with an honest/rational mind will note that the page you are currently reading is the exact same page the desperate and closed-minded Darwin foot washer author references, with a link to my archived 2014 article, that specifically explains the story is on page 21 of the newspaper in question.

I am clearly not, then, claiming it as a headline at all. But the Darwinist zombie horde, whose members use demented lead eating squirrels for brains, are stupid and desperate enough to transparently do anyththing they can try to bury the facts they don't want you to read by trying to discredit their discoverer.

Dr Mike Sutton, criminologist and author of Nullius in Verba: Darwin's greatest secret



For over 155 years pseudo-scholarly Darwinists have misled the world over the history of the discovery of natural selection

Patrick Matthew (1831) was the first to fully explain natural selection as new species branching from a common ancestor by way of nature selecting varieties that were best circumstance suited. He even uniquely called it: 'the natural process of selection'. A term Darwin (1859) would uniquely four word shuffle into 'process of natural selection'.

Charles Darwin's success at creating a persona of respectability and great honesty is proof of the old adage that it  is not what and who you really are that matters. All that counts in society is what and who you appear to be.

The Myth of Darwin's Honesty is Bust by the Facts

Cast iron proof that Charles Darwin, in collusion with his best friend and botanical mentor Joseph Hooker, lied in the Gardener's Chronicle  when he wrote in 1860 that apparently no naturalist had read Matthew's (1831) prior-published ideas, and further lied when he wrote in the third edition of the Origin of Species (1861), and every edition thereafter, that Matthew's unique ideas had passed unnoticed until 1860.

Read the hard facts here.

New 200 page abridged and updated paperback. Available on all Amazon sites: e.g. UK (here).  Available only from all Amazon sites, good Bricks and Mortar Bookshops and Libraries World Wide. Bogus fake versions are being sold on various other websites online by criminal book pirates and identity fraudsters

Nullius in Verba: Darwin's greatest secret 600-page Kindle e-book. Currently unavailable due to ongoing investigations into criminal book piracy, copyright fraud, cyberstalking, criminal malicious communications, malware dissemination and ID fraud by cybercriminals who have hacked it and those who are disseminating the illegal hacked files. Amazon.com reviews page archived here

From November 2017, you are advised not to download any version of this e-book, because the file is likely to be infected with hacker malware by those sharing and disseminating hacked versions. Moreover, the content is likley to have been altered by the criminals involved.

Please purchase the official paperback abridged version from Amazon here. Paperback volumes 2 and 3 are forthcoming

Charles Darwin

Joseph Hooker

Contrary to the myth started by Darwin's deliberate self-serving lie, told in 1860 in the Gardener's Chronicle, and from the third edition of the Origin of Species onward, credulously parroted by influential Darwinists, such as Gavin de Beer, ever since Mike Sutton (2014 and 2016) uniquely discovered that Matthew's (1831) original ideas on natural selection in fact were read and discussed by naturalists and others. The book containing them was cited, and the ideas on natural selection in it, commented upon, years before Matthew brought them to Darwin's attention after the publication of Darwin's Origin of Species in 1860.

Sutton proved that Matthew's book, containing the full hypothesis of natural selection, was cited by at least 25 people before 1858. Seven were naturalists, four were known to Darwin and two to Wallace and three (Loudon, Sellby and Chambers) played major roles at the epicenter and influence of the pre-1858 work work of Darwin and Wallace on natural selection.

Therefore, in 2014, the neglected anomaly of the Darwinist myth of Darwin's and Wallace's independent discoveries of Matthew's prior published hypothesis is disconfirmed by the discovery of the New Data.

Fact-led reason suggests now that Matthewian knowledge contamination more likely than not took place.

Prior to the publication of this book, it was universally believed that Charles Darwin told the truth when he wrote in 1860  that apparently no naturalist had read Patrick Matthew's 1831 book, which contained the full theory of natural selection. 

Nullius  in Verba: Darwin's greatest secret is the hard-fact-led mythbusting book that re-wrote the history of the discovery of natural selection with new BigData made discoveries of the once hidden books that reveal who Darwin and Wallace knew who really did read Patrick Matthew's prior publication of the full theory of natural selection before Darwin and Wallace supposedly 'independently' replicated it in 1858 with, supposedly, no knowledge of what Matthew had discovered that their friends and influencers had read and actually cited in the literature before influencing them on the same topic!