This page lists just a few positive activities related to the New Data, which proves Matthew's prior published discovery of natural selection was - contrary to prior-knowledge beliefs - not at all relatively insignificant to the later replications of Darwin and Wallace

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A Series of Lectures During National Science Week

Dr Mike Sutton

from  Nottingham Trent University

leading expert on

Patrick Matthew

19th century Carse of Gowrie landowner and pioneering agriculturist.

Thursday 17th March

9.30am Junior Carsonians, Invergowrie Primary School

7pm Evening Lecture at the Hutton Institute, Invergowrie

Press release

Dr Mike Sutton challenges the orthodox view that Darwin was the first to discover the process of natural selection and names a relatively unknown man from the Carse of Gowrie, Patrick Matthew – a landowner and prolific orchard farmer! 

Matthew’s first published his discovery of ‘natural selection’ in plants in 1831, nearly 30 years prior to Darwin writing the ‘Origin of Species’. Yet, it is Darwin, not Matthew, who is cited worldwide as the ‘immortal great-thinker of evolution’.

Born in 1790, on Scone Palace estate, Patrick Matthew’s went to Edinburgh University, before working the family farm in Gourdiehill, near Grange.  He, like many other farmers in the 19th Century, created large orchards: this is  there where he discovered the process of ‘natural selection’.

Dr Mike Sutton says that ‘Darwin alone is recognised as first to take his own discovery of the theory of natural selection forward, with many confirmatory evidences, convincing others of its veracity and importance’.

In this evening lecture at the Hutton Institute, Dr Sutton brings brand new and independently verifiable evidence, which proves that Matthew’s 1831 book was read by at least 25 people because they cited it in the published literature. Chair, Fiona Ross adds ‘Dr Sutton approached us a year ago, to see if we’d get involved with working with Matthew’s descendants in Germany and New Zealand to promote Matthew’s legacy. We instantly said yes’.

Dr Sutton has also kindly agreed to a number of talks during his 3 day visit with us. And photo calls are available at the Interactive Talk with the Junior Carsonians, our junior division which represents the 6 Primary Schools here in the Carse – who have been studying Patrick Matthew and the Evening Lecture at the Hutton Institute.

Chair, Fiona Ross adds ‘Matthew’s descendants would like to find recognition locally and nationally for the, undoubtedly, the most famous of Carsonians – a dream would be to see Matthews on the back of a Scottish £10 note’.

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Nullius in Verba is the unique hard fact evidence-led  mythbusting  book that re-wrote the history of the discovery of natural selection.

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