Matthew the Radical Reform Chartist Leader

The Chartist Regional Leader, Patrick Matthew was a delegate of the 1839 General Convention of the Industrious Classes elected by the "Radical Reformers of Great Britain" - for enactment of The People's Charter.

Matthew named as a delegate alongside other famous electoral reform leaders in 1839 such as William Lovett, Henry Vincent, Fergus O'Conner, John Collins and John Frost. Here. The privileged landowning classes, including Charles Darwin and many other naturalists feared those radical  Chartists Here

On Lawrence and Matthew - Seeking a Purer form of the Truth, links between Chartism, William Lawrence and Matthew can be studied here

Robert Chambers who cited Matthew's (1831) Naval Timber and Arboriculture pre 1858 was opposed to working classes getting the vote. John Lindley, who thwarted Matthew's attempt to achieve scientifiic/botanocal naturalist kudos through importing and propagating the first giant redwood trees in the UK, drilled a militia to fight the Chartists here. 

Did Matthew's Chartist connections play a role in what 19th century establishment naturlaists did to deny him his due priority for orginating and prior-publishing the theory Darwin and Wallace plagiarised?  That certainly seems to be a likely case.