New Photographs

Matthew Family Photographs

Following the publication of my book Nullius in Verba: Darwin's greatest secret , Patrick  Matthew's third great grandson  Major Howard Minnick sent me a copy of two bound, unpublished, volumes of Matthew family history, written by Matthew's German descendant Wulf G. Gerdts.  The family kindly granted to both myself and Dr Mike Weale of Kings College London the rights  to share these pictures on websites and scholarly publications.  More materials will be made available soon from Gerdts’s highly valuable work: ‘Die Matthew Saga 1 (1790 – 1918) and Die Matthew Saga 2 (1918-2003).  As far as we are aware, the pictures on this page have never before been seen outside the Matthew family. And this is the first time they have been published.  I consider these pictures to be international cultural treasures.


The first pictures are of Matthew's now demolished house at Gourdie Hill. The others show him as a younger man than we have seen before. He is depicted in these new pictures with his wife and daughters.

Mike Sutton March 11 2015

Note the giant redwood behind Matthews old  house. It is highly likley this is an orignal Matthew tree, planted in 1853.  Matthew was the first to sow giant redwoods in Britiain

Matthew's monumental giant redwood tree survives today in the garden of a bungalow on the new Gourdiehill estate in Errol. Moreover, the holly tree in the painting below survives to this day - although now it is a coppiced bush of some obvious age - and triangulates perfectly with the giant redwood. This lets us know to this day the exact spot where Matthew's house once stood.

Compare the photograph on the left (Copyright Howard Minnick) to the sketch on the right. Please note: the cow in the photograph and the cows (or a sheep and a cow) in the sketch. Note the shadow in the foreground of photograph. It looks like the artist copied the postcard and re-arranged the trees with some artistic licence. Could the shadow in the photograph be of the fmaous Matthew Holly tree with the trunk as smooth as marble, that once stood in the garden of Gourdiehill? Dates for the origin of  for the photograph and sketch are currently unknown.

This newly discovered photograph on the left is the copyright of  Barbara Macy - who is the Aunt of Howard Minnick (third Great Grandson of Patrick Matthew).  It is also the copyright of Howard Minnick.

Obviously the facade of the house in the picture is of 18th or 19th century origin and cannot possibly be 500 years old.  Someone has written, in addition, that the picture is of their grandfather - Patrick Matthew - and that it is of a house that is either in Germany or Scotland.

This is most likley a photograph of the far younger Charles Patrick Matthew. Grandson of Patrick Matthew  - who was often also called Patrick.


Solver of the problem of species

In 1831, the Scottish laird, farmer, orchard owner, grain dealer and botanist, Patrick Matthew, authored 'On Naval Timber and Arboriculture.'  Matthew's book is universally recognised as the first publication to contain the complete hypothesis of the theory of natural selection. New evidence proves that both Darwin and Wallace lied by pretending they had no prior-knowledge of it; both committed science fraud by plagiarising Matthew's discovery, his name for it, his examples of the process in nature compared to culture. They even ripped-off his unique creative perspective.