Mike Sutton's Talks on Nullius in Verba: Darwin's greatest secret

  • Internet Dating With Darwin. Edinburgh International Science Festival. Edinburgh Skeptics Society. April 10th.2014

  • Hi-Tech Detection of Charles Darwin’s and Alfred Wallace’s Great Science Fraud. British Society of Criminology Conference. Liverpool University. July 10th  2014

  • A DREADFUL DISCOVERY: BIG DATA PROVES WALLACE AND DARWIN COUNTERFEIT DISCOVERERSI. Conway Hall Sunday Lecture. Ethical Society. London. July 27th 2014. Note : this lecture is now published in the Ethical Record:  Click here to read it .

  • Teesside Skeptics in the Pub  2 October 2014, For details please past

       event details  here.

              Click here to listen to a YouTube interview on my Teesside SITP talk

  • James Hutton Institute Lecture on 100 Per Cent Proof of Darwin's Lying Plagiarising Glory Thieving Science Fraud.  17th March 2016 Here
  • Sheffield Skeptics in the Pub  25 May 2015. For details please click here

Click the above image and then the pop-out icon in the top right corner to see my Power Point time line presentation, of December 6th 2018, at Teesside Skeptics in the Pub, on Darwin's lies and the reaction of Darwin historians and the scientific community to the painful facts of Darwin's proven science fraud by lies and plagiaraism.

A blogpost written by an audience member at the above Teeside SITP talk who thinks my version of what is a lie is "an autistic" definition. A must read, therefore, for anyone interested in our 2020's dishonest, post-truth and fake news society:


Solver of the problem of species

In 1831, the Scottish laird, farmer, orchard owner, grain dealer and botanist, Patrick Matthew, authored 'On Naval Timber and Arboriculture.'  Matthew's book is universally recognised as the first publication to contain the complete hypothesis of the theory of natural selection. New evidence proves that both Darwin and Wallace lied by pretending they had no prior-knowledge of it; both committed science fraud by plagiarising Matthew's discovery, his name for it, his examples of the process in nature compared to culture. They even ripped-off his unique creative perspective.