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Patrick Matthew

Crooks not Schnooks: Charles Darwin and Alfred Wallace Committed the World’s Greatest Science Fraud By Mike Sutton {Read}

Good Grief! In 1839, A Remarkable Scotsman Appears to have Invented the Peace Corps - Not President Kennedy or any of his Associates. By Mike Sutton {Read}

How to Debate or Deprogram a Darwinist: Darwin's Finches. No 1 in a series. By Mike Sutton {Read}

19th Century Bombshell for Biology: Darwin and Wallace Now Proven to have been Influenced by Patrick Matthew. By Mike Sutton {Read}

Patrick Matthew is No Longer Buried in Oblivion and So I’m ‘Smokin My Own Dope’. By Mike Sutton {Read}

The Scottish Daily Mail Covers Mike Sutton's presentation at the 2014 Edinburgh Festival of Science

Publishing so Many Unforgivable Errors of Fact: Professor Bowler and the University of Chicago Press Sends Darwinists off on Another Fool's Errand to Play One Last Game of Bury the Scot. By Mike Sutton {Read}

On Piltdown Man: There is a Stain Upon the Silence in Science Fraud Detection By Mike Sutton {Read}

A Better Explanation for the Scientific Problem of Beautiful Flowers Than "God Did It". By Mike Sutton {Read}


On the First to be Second (F2b2) Hypothesis. By Mike Sutton {Read} Also available for discussion on Data Science Central {Here}

Peter Takes the Darwinists Bowling: Denigrating Deifying Dysologists in the History of Science Confirm the Frozen Donkey Hypothesis (No. 1). By Mike Sutton {Read}

The Plodding Replicator Analogy Confirms Dawkins's Darwin-Speak Bias: Denigrating Deifying Dysologists in the History of Science Confirm the Frozen Donkey Hypothesis (No. 2). By Mike Sutton. {Read}

Matthew v Darwin & Wallace: The New Evidence for Knowledge Contamination Versus the Old Myth of Dual Immaculate Conceptions of a Prior-Published Hypothesis. A Position Paper by Mike Sutton {Read}

Why are Darwinists allowed to teach deluded belief in supernatural miracles in our schools and universities? By Mike Sutton {Read}

Darwinist Defenses Simply Can't Stand Against the Powerful New Data. By Mike Sutton. {Read} Note: This bog post contains every known criticism of the conclusion reached in my book Nullius in Verba: Darwin's greatest secret. Each criticism is rebutted with independently verifiable facts.


Proposing “The Matthew Man’s Interference Analogy Hypothesis”. By Mike Sutton {Read}. Note: this is an important blog post, because it marks the realization that there were in fact two natural selection and artificial selection analogies used by those at the centre of the story of the discovery of natural selection

The Frozen Donkey Hypothesis: Adapt or Die. By Mike Sutton {Read}

A Blemish in the Darling: On Lawrence and Matthew - Seeking a Purer form of the Truth. By Mike Sutton {Read} Note: this blog reveals that Matthew appears to have plagiarised ideas and observations prior-published by Knight and Erasmus Darwin in order pass them off as his own. Moreover, it reveals, with hard data from the literature, that contrary to what many modern writers claim, the rules and conventions of citing by way of naming influencers were far from relaxed in the 19th century.

What can we Learn from the Lunar Men? Not Quite Lunatics, United by a Common Love of Science. By Mike Sutton {Read}.

The Google Monster Sniffed-out the Darwin --> Robert Mudie Connection to Patrick Matthew. By Mike Sutton {Read}

Why Darwinists Missed the World's Most Powerful Analogy. By Mike Sutton {Read}

Follow the biological father of the theory of natural selection on Twitter: 'The Seer of Gourdie Hill'

Dr Mike Weale tells the BBC about Patrick Matthew's Importance. This blog post has the links to the BBC Radio 4 Broadcast of 20th April 2015, a video clip, the full interview and a subsequent debate. {Read}

Pre-Enlightenment-like Darwin Defender Stephen J Gould's Desperate Pseudoscholarly Fact Filtering and Cherry Picking. By Mike Sutton {Read}

Patrick Matthew and the Earl of Mansfield. By Mike Sutton {Read}.

First words of The Origin of Species tell of the Stolen Idea. By Mike Sutton {Read}.

Charles Lyell's Links to Patrick Matthew: An Etymological Detective Story. By Mike Sutton {Read}.

Trash Talkling Darwinists and the Patrick Matthew Burial Project. By Mike Sutton {Read}

The Patrick Matthew Supermyth: An Introduction to the Concept By Mike Sutton. {Read}

DONKEYS IN THE MIST: Frozen Donkey Darwinist Documentary Evidence. By Mike Sutton {Read}

Affordable Cognitive Defense for Good Thinkers. By Mike Sutton {Read}

Read about the links between Patrick Matthew and the beautiful women in this picture in my blog post on the 1st Earl of Mansfield

The Patrick Matthew Supermyth. By Mike Sutton. {Read}.

Proof Darwinists are not fit to write the history of the discovery of natural selection. By Mike Sutton {Read}

The Shame of It! Darwinists Believe in a Dual Supernatural Miracle of Immaculate Conception of a Prior-Published Theory. By Mike Sutton {Read}.

Their Immaculate Conception. By Mike Sutton {Read}

'Immaculate Deception' an oil on canvas painting 30 x 40".


This oil painting, by the Nottingham based British artist Gabriel Woods, is a pictorial analogy of Darwin's and Wallace's claims to have each conceived the theory of natural selection independently of Patrick Matthew's (1831) prior published book, which expert Darwinists agree contained the full theory 27 years before Darwin's and Wallace's papers were read before the Linnean Society in 1858.


See more work by Woods

Patrick Matthew's Unmarked Grave is Finally Located. By Mike Sutton {Read}

Oh Yeah Baby! By Mike Sutton {Read}

The Song of the Stickleback by S T Dempster, 14 05 2015: {Read}

Darwinists Slyly Cry "Conspiracy Theorist!" At Any Who Dare Present Hard Evidence that their Proxy-God Charles Darwin was a Lying Plagiarizing Science Fraudster. By Mike Sutton {Read}

A Successful Parasite is One Not Recognised by its Host. By Mike Sutton {Read}

Do Darwinists Suffer from Irrational Biblical Miracle Envy? Why else do they deny the rational significance of what has been newly discovered that re-writes the history of scientific discovery? By Mike Sutton {Read}

This post explains exactly what has been uniquely discovered and revealed in my book 'Nullius in Verba: Darwin's greatest secret. This is the information that, as individuals and as a group, professionaltop Darwinists did not and do not want you to know about, because it 100% proves that for the past 155 those named after their hero have been churning out absolute credulous 'deifying Darwin' nonsense about the discovery of natural selection. By way of just one telling example amongst many I could cite, why else would Darwin's apparently adoration-blinded biographer James Moore proclaim to his eternal shame when asked to comment on my book, which he had not even bothered his biased brain to read: "I would be extremely surprised if there was any new evidence had not been already seen and interpreted in the opposite way."


In reply to Moore: I would be extremely surprised if he, a professionally biased Darwinist with so much at stake following his own career failure to look any further than the unfounded self-serving lies penned by Darwin for his own replicated fallacious 'knowledge beliefs, ever engaged with the hard new facts, which I have uniquely discovered. Moore might like to learn how to make original major discoveries in his own field, rather than seeing only what he has been told to see. If so, here is a useful blog post for him on how I did it.


The new hard facts of the matter are that Charles Darwin is now, as a result of my original 100% independently verifiable and important discoveries, a proven liar who far more likely than not knew about Matthew's unique ideas pre-1858 and was influenced by them. Contrary to widely published Darwinist fallacies, both Darwin and Wallace are newly proven by my work to have known naturalists who read Matthew's book containing his prior published hypothesis of natural selection before they influenced them on the exact same topic and before Darwin and wallace each replicated the hypothesis, so many ideas, explanations and unique explanatory examples that were uniquely first published in Matthew's (1831) book. I suggest Moore write his next book on the Semmelweis reflex so that he can understand his own role in demonstrating it, but not before he has studied the fact of its namesake's mytholog.

The Wonders of the New Interfacing Technology of E-books on Kindle, Twitter, Blogs and Websites. By Mike Sutton {Read}

The Darwin Industry. By Mike Sutton (Read)

Is Wainwright Right? Are we on the cusp of a new scientific and social revolution in understanding organic evolution on Earth? By Mike Sutton. Here.

A Wainwright "alien" particle.

Through Darwin's Wormhole with Milton Wainwright: The F2b2 Hypothesis: Important Post-Hoc Discovery of Prior Confirmatory Evidence from Professor Milton Wainwright's Research. By Mike Sutton (Read)

The Arago Effect Makes Matthew an Immortal Great Thinker and Darwin a Good Finisher. By Mike Sutton. Here

On the Newly Discovered Story of Matthew, Chambers and Darwin. By Mike Suton. Here.

Seeing Further with William James Dempster: Pioneering Surgeon, Leading Scientist and Researcher in the Field of the World's Greatest Science Fraud. By Mike Sutton. Here

Macfarlane's Law. By Mike Sutton. Here

On the Conditions, Mindset and Method that Made My Original Discoveries Possible. By Mike Sutton. Here.

Original Discovery Creates a New Problem for Darwinists. By Mike Sutton. Here

A Most Very Curious "Bombshell" Coincidence? By Mike Sutton. Here.

Weale's Entanglement Analogy: Dr Mike Weale Discovers a Pure Coincidence, Else Further Confirmatory Evidence of Darwin's Plagiarism of Matthew. By Mike Sutton. Here.

A crisis in the history of scientific discovery. By Mike Sutton. Here.

The Veracity Revolution >>Blame it on Google>> No. 1 in a shameless self-trumpeting campaign. By Mike Sutton. Here

Loren Eiseley on Patrick Matthew, Chambers and Darwin. By Mike Sutton. Here

The Royal Society is Nought but a Darwin and Wallace Glee Club! By Mike Sutton. Here


The Royal Society: An Institution that Celebrates its Great Science Fraudsters with Pride. By Mike Sutton. Here

On Why Darwinists are Extremists. By Mike Sutton. Here

Patrick Matthew's Politics. By Mike Sutton, Here.

The wise man mocks the mocker. The mocker mocks the man. By Mike Sutton. Here.

Did Alfred Russel Wallace Wear a Tin-Foil Hat? By Mike Sutton. Here

Did Benjamin Franklin Influence Patrick Matthew? By Mike Sutton. Here.

Plagiarizing Science Fraud: Understanding the objective components of a crime opportunity. By Mike Sutton. Here

A Blemish in the Darling: On Lawrence and Matthew - Seeking a Purer Form of the Truth. By Mike Sutton. Here

Context is Key. By Mike Sutton. Here

Big Data Creates a Revolutionary Paradigm Change in the History of the Discovery of Natural Selection. By Mike Sutton. Here.

Did Darwin lie about discovery of natural selection? By NottinghamTrent Univerity. Here

de Beer, Dawkins and the Dysology Hypothesis. By Mike Sutton. Here

Confirmatory evidence for the Frozen Donkey Hypothesis. By Mike Sutton. Here.

Darwin the Liar - or "Inventor" of Falsehoods about Patrick Matthew. By Mike Sutton. Here.


Internet Dating with Darwin: New Discovery that Darwin and Wallace were Influenced by Matthew's Prior-Discovery. By Mike Sutton. Here.

Darwin told deliberate lies to corrupt the history of the discovery of natural selection in his favour. By Mike Sutton. Here.

The Darwin and Wallace Anomalous Miracle Conception Paradox. By Mike Sutton. Here

New evidence appears to reveal that the name "Darwin" creates an optical illusion, which hides otherwise obvious lies.


Why Darwinist Immaculate Conception Miracle Beliefs are Even More Irrational than those Held by Christians. By Mike Sutton. Here.

When Blogging Splits the Universe. By Mike Sutton. Here

William and Cherry Dempster

Contrary to the myth started by Darwin's deliberate self-serving lie, told in 1860 in the Gardener's Chronicle, and from the third edition of the Origin of Species onward, credulously parroted by influential Darwinists, such as Gavin de Beer, ever since, Mike Sutton (2014) uniquely discovered that Matthew's (1831) original ideas on natural selection in fact were read and discussed by naturalists and others. The book containing them was cited, and the ideas on natural selection in it, commented upon, years before Matthew brought them to Darwin's attention after the publication of Darwin's Origin of Species in 1860.


Sutton proved that Matthew's book, containing the full hypothesis of natural selection, was cited by at least 25 people before 1858. Seven were naturalists, four were known to Darwin and two to Wallace and three (Loudon, Sellby and Chambers) played major roles at the epicenter and influence of the pre-1858 work work of Darwin and Wallace on natural selection.


Therefore, in 2014, the neglected anomaly of the Darwinist myth of Darwin's and Wallace's independent discoveries of Matthew's prior published hypothesis is disconfirmed by the discovery of the New Data.


Fact-led reason suggests now that Matthewian knowledge contamination more likely than not took place.

Leading Evolutionary Biologists are Newly Proven to have Published Dreadfuly Biased-Darwinists Errors and Fallacies about the History of Discovery of Natural Selection. By Mike Sutton. Here.

When clear statements of purported facts are transmuted into mere metaphor. By Mike Sutton. Here.

The Matthewian Revolution and Identity by Descent: David L. Hull and The Legacy of Darwin's "Total" and "Complete" Lies about Matthew. By Mike Sutton. Here.

Proven Predictable Darwinist Agenda-Driven Pseudo-Scholarship. By Mike Sutton Here.

The Double-Darwin-Dare. By Mike Sutton. Here.

Immaculate Deception: AKA The Blessed Virgin Darwin. By Mike Sutton. Here.

A Portrait of Stupid Darwinist Delusion. By Mike Sutton. Here.

What is Expected of Scientific Papers and Books Publishing New Discoveries or Ideas? By Mike Sutton. Here

Anomalous Brainmelt. By Mike Sutton. Here.

Natural History of the Darwinist: Part 1. (The Postmodern Darwinist).

By Mike Sutton. Here.

On Nullius in Verba: The book that uniquely re-wrote the history of the discovery of natural selection. By Mike Sutton. Here

On Veracity and Paradigms Supported on Punctured Myths. By Mike Sutton. Here.

Natural History of the Darwinist:Part II: Stupidly Loudon-Naturalist-Blind when cornered. By Mike Sutton. Here.

Test for Loudon-Naturalist-Blindness. By Mike Sutton. Here.

The Loudon Brief: Why do Darwinists wilfully suffer from Loudon Naturalist Blindness? By Mike Sutton. Here

We've Been Fooled Again. By Mike Sutton. Here


Bust the Very Silly Cult: Beatific Grins and Delusion in Darwin Worshipping and Other Cults. By Mike Sutton. Here.

Was Voltaire Right? Are Darwinists more likely than other scientists to commit atrocities? By Mike Sutton. Here

Why Darwinism is now a very silly cult. By Mike Sutton. Here.

Why Darwinists are wrong about Darwin and Matthew. By Mike Sutton. Here

Strickland, Darwin, the Duties of Scientists and the Function of Science. By Mike Sutton. Here.

Dishonest Darwinist Dysology. By Mike Sutton. Here.

Did Charles Darwin 'borrow' the theory of natural selection? By Mike Sutton. Here.

Do Darwinists have the intelligence to adapt to the change that the data proves they are named for a plagiarizer? By Mike Sutton. Here.

Who read Matthew's prior published theory of natural selection? By Mike Sutton. Here.

Darwin's Golden Rule: A recipe for plagiarism. By Mike Sutton. Here

To Publish 100 Per Cent Veracity versus Ignoring a 'Stain upon the Silence' By Mike Sutton. Here

On Pseudo Skepticism. By Mike Sutton. Here

On Darwinism v Darwinists. By Mike Sutton. Here.

THANK YOU GOOGLE FOR: The Big Data-IDD Bombshell Detection Research Method. By Mike Sutton. Here

Glory Theft. by Mike Sutton. Here

Pierre Bourdieu, Darwinist Cultural Concealment and Patrick Matthew. By Mike Sutton. Here.

The Royal Society Darwin Medal Scandal: You won't win a Darwin Medal for writing the truth about the discovery of natural selection. By Mike Sutton. Here

Prezi Show on Darwin's Lying, Plagiarising Science Fraud by Glory Theft. By Mike Sutton. Here

Excuse Me Frank Furedi: But about my priority for busting the moral panic myth - can you help with my research please? By Mike Sutton. Here

NOTE: This is a most ironic case of claimed independent multiple discovery of prior published discovery and ideas that may help with my research into the case of Matthew, Darwin and Wallace.

The Replicator Response Cocktail. By Mike Sutton. Here.

The States of Denial Spectrum Hypothesis: Does All Biased and Prejudiced Scholarship Cause and Nurture Hate Crime? By Mike Sutton. Here.

The Darwinist's Comfort Zone. By Mike Sutton. Here

Darwinists in a State of Synchronized Denial. By Mike Sutton. Here.

Happy New Year Royal Society. By Mike Sutton. Here.

Happy New Year 2016: On How Best Thinking Can Change the World for the Better. By Mike Sutton. Here.

Natural Selection and the Aristocracy: Evidence Hooker and Darwin Would have Despised Matthew's Sedition on the Topic. By Mike Sutton. Here.

Further Reasons why Darwin and Hooker would have Despised Patrick Matthew. By Mike Sutton. Here.

There is No Absolute Proof the Proven Serial Liar Darwin Wrote a Word on Natural Selection Until 1857. By Mike Sutton. Here.

Perth Public Library Banned the Most Important Book in the World. By Mike Sutton. Here

David Douglas, Scone Palace and William Hooker: The 'Douglas, Hooker, Matthew Hypothesis'. By Mike Sutton. Here.

Appendix Myth: The blindsight explanation for this and other myths about Patrick Matthew's (1831) prior-publication of the complete hypothesis of natural slection. By Mike Sutton. Here

Who Cited 'On Naval Timber' before 1858?: An Update. By Mike Sutton. Here

THE GIANT REDWOOD RACE FOR FAME AND THE VERY START OF THE SUSTAINABILITY MOVEMENT: Source of the Historic Monumental Matthew Trees and the Consequent Historic Impact of John Lindley's Somewhat Suspicious Involvement in a Failed Claim to Priority. By Mike Sutton. Here.

Beware the Real Facts: A Painful Lesson in Dysology for Professor Peter Bowler and Other Darwin Scholars. By Mike Sutton. Here


Biography of Mike Sutton for the James Hutton Institute. Here.

Matthew versus Darwin in the Gardener's Chronicle 1860: 100 per cent proof of Darwin's lying plagiarising science fraud by glory theft of Matthew's influence on those who influenced Darwin's influencer Blyth and other naturalists before 1858. By Mike Sutton. Here.

Darwin scholars in a 'state of denial' about Patrick Matthew's immortal great thinker and influencer in science status: The best laid plans of a lying plagiarising science fraudster by glory theft. By Mike Sutton: Here

The Day the Supposedly Obscure Writer, Patrick Matthew's Book "Emigration Fields" was Recommended Reading Material for Captain Fitzroy of the Beagle. No less! By Mike Sutton. Here

Naughty Biologist > No Royal Society Darwin Medal! By Mike Sutton. Here:


The Evolution of Knowledge in Science and the History of Ideas, By Mike Sutton. Here

States of Denial of the Obvious and Significant Facts: Several things the Darwin Fraud case Shares with the Savile and Boston Globe Catholic Priest Pedophile Cases. By Mike Sutton. Here.

Society in a State of Denial. By Mike Sutton. Here

Lightning Strikes Not Just Twice, but at least Thrice, As it So Often Does With Crime and Delinquency: Patrick Matthew was a Repeat Victim of ' Glory Theft by Fallacy Coining''. By Mike Sutton. Here

In the Interests of History: Do justice to the truth. Don't Delete Our Disturbing Past: Label it instead! By Mike Sutton. Here

Proof Darwinists are in a Classic 'State of Denial' of Obvious and Significant Facts. By Mike Sutton. Here.

Patrick Matthew and Richard Dawkins were Platform Blocked. By Mike Sutton. Here

Scotland: This Is Your Fight! End Darwin's 155 Years of Punterization of All Our People. Here.

The Etymological Origins of Darwinist and Darwinian. Here

The Blindsight Paradox: Dare you click to see? By Mike Sutton. Here.

Timeline of Patrick Matthew's Multiple Victimization by Darwin, his Friends, and the Darwin Worship Industry. Here


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Scots science hero, Patrick Matthew, related to the naval hero Admiral Duncan.

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Daily Telegraph Runs Another Angle on Darwin's Lack of Original Discoverer Genius Qualities. Here.



Darwin Worshippers Demand Special Privileges for their Namesake. Here.

Nullius in Verba: The "New Facts" And What They Mean For The History of Discovery of Natural Selection. Here.

Conversation about facts with a Wikipedian. Here

Rational Veracity Activism. Here.

A Polemic: Most People are Stupid Cowards! Here

James Hutton Institute Lecture on 100 Per Cent Proof of Darwin's Lying Plagiarising Glory Thieving Science Fraud. 17th March 2016 Here

Knowledge Contamination: A Hammer for the Scots! Here.

The Carse of Gowrie. Scotland. Where Matthew discovered natural selection

Why the Dundee Courier is the ideal newspaper to print the truth about Patrick Matthew and Charles Darwin - Here.

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Top Professor of Psychology Judges the Evidence in the Case of Darwinists United v Sutton's New Facts. HERE.

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Charles Darwin hid Behind his Wife Emma in Order to Deal With Private Correspondence from Patrick Matthew. Here.

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Joseph Hooker Married the Widow of Sir William Jardine. Here.

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Solver of the problem of species



In 1831, the Scottish laird, farmer, orchard owner, grain dealer and botanist, Patrick Matthew, authored 'On Naval Timber and Arboriculture.' Matthew's book is universally recognised as the first publication to contain the complete hypothesis of the theory of natural selection. New evidence proves that both Darwin and Wallace lied by pretending they had no prior-knowledge of it; both committed science fraud by plagiarising Matthew's discovery, his name for it, his examples of the process in nature compared to culture. They even ripped-off his unique creative perspective.