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Nottingham Trent University reveals detection of the World's greatest science fraud: Story here

Matthew and Darwin's plagiarism in the news:


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March 15th 2016 The Dundee Courier Prints the truth about Patrick Matthew . Story by Michael Alexander

Mike Sutton's unique discovery that Matthew's book, in fact, was read by naturalists pre-1858 in the national news (2014).

Read all known Darwinist criticisms of the significance of the New Data versus my rebuttals: HERE

And just for the desperate Dawin deifying internet trolls spreading fallacies that this article is not a peer reviewed article - here is the proof it was peer reviewed Click

Following 155 years of Darwinist, now newly debunked, myths about the discovery of natural selection, Mike Sutton's unique research discovery is in the national news (2014)

Hugh Dower's and Milton Wainwright's letters are publshed in the Times newspaper (London) on 29th August 2017. They each criticise A.N. Wilson's article in the Times (26th Aug, 2017) on his forthcoming book on Darwin. Dower's text on Matthew was edited out of his letter by the Times.


Wainwright is on record. He writes (P. 26)


'Sir, A.N. Wilson surprisingly omits mention of the Scottish naturalist and fruit breeder, Patrick Matthew. Yet Darwin himself, his wife, and “Darwin’s Bulldog” , T.H. Huxley readily admitted that Matthew beat Darwin to the idea.


How long is it going to take before historians take note of what Darwin himself openly and publicly accepted - namely that he did not originate the theory of natural selection?




2015 Dr Mike Weale talks to the BBC about his paper in the Linnean Journal about the importance of Patrick Matthew (20th April 2015) {Here}


2015 Mike Weale's Linnean Society paper on the imprtance of Matthew: Here

Origonal (2014) 600 page E-Book Nullius in Verba is the unique hard fact evidence-led mythbusting book that re-wrote the history of the discovery of natural selection.

New abridged and updated (2017) 200 page paperback. On sale on all Amazon sites: e.g UK (here) and USA (here)

New Evidence Based Argument: Not only was Matthew (1831) the first to discover and have published the full hypothesis of natural selection, he was also the first to use the powerful Artificial versus Natural Selection Analogy of differences to explain it. This means that both Darwin (1844, 1859, 1868) and Wallace (1858) replicated Matthew's prior published discovery without citation as well as replicating his powerful and unique explanatory analogy for it. {Here}.


Read my blog: Why Darwinists Missed the World's Most Powerful Analogy. By Mike Sutton {Read}

The Immunisation Against LNB Syndrome (Cognitive inability to see the words *Loudon* and *no naturalist" in the work of anyone other than Charles Darwin) Programme started in 2014. We are currently working on a cure for the infected. (Read more).




In addtion to prior-publishing the complete hypothesis of natural selection 27 years before Darwin, which we newly know (Suton 2014) was - contrary to the 155 year old myth and started by Darwin in 1860 - read by other naturalists. Darwin personally knew four of the seven naturalists who, it is newly discovered, cited Matthew's book pre-1858. Three of the four (Selby, Loudon and Chambers) significantly influenced Darwin and Wallace on the topic of natural selection pre-1858. Matthew (1831) also coined the powerful Artificial versus Natural Selection Explanatory Analogy. This means that we have now even more confirming evidence of Matthew's massive influence on Darwin. Because in 1831, Matthew coined the world's most powerful analogy to explain his unique discovery of the world's most important scientific theory. So important was that unique analogy - so influential - so powerful - Darwin (1859. p. 7) used it to open "The Origin of Species" when he wrote:


‘When we look to the individuals of the same variety or sub-variety of our older cultivated plants and animals, one of the first points which strikes us is, that they generally differ more from each other than do the individuals of any one species or variety in a state of nature.'


Matthew (1831) 27 years earlier originated, wrote and then had published, the exact same idea:


'Man's interference, by preventing this natural process of selection among plants, independent of the wider range of circumstances to which he introduces them, has increased the differences in varieties particularly in the more domesticated kinds...'


Read the full evidence-led story (1) Here (2) Here and (3) Here.

How a new research method uncovered something remarkable in the history of scientific discovery. Charles Lyell's Links to Patrick Matthew: An Etymological Detective Story

Discovery made in May 2015: Joseph Hooker knowingly approved Darwin's great lie that no naturalist had read Patrick Matthew's prior-published theory of natural selection: Read the detailed story here

This oil painting, by the Nottingham based British artist Gabriel Woods, showing Darwin holding Patrick Matthew as his own child. Paying homage to religious pictures of the Virgin Mary and child, this is a mesmorizing pictorial analogy of Darwin's and Wallace's claims to have each conceived the theory of natural selection independently of Patrick Matthew's (1831) prior published book, which expert Darwinists agree contained the full theory 27 years before Darwin's and Wallace's papers were read before the Linnean Society in 1858.


The picture was commissioned, in light of new data (Sutton 2014) that proves naturalists well known the Darwin and Wallace read and then cited Matthew's book before going on to play roles at the very epicenter of influence on the pre-1858 work of Darwin and Wallace on natural selection. The Blessed Virgin St Mary's conception of Jesus of Nazareth, is a miracle because she became pregnant with the child of "God" whilst surrounded by men who were fertile to some unknown degree. The analogy is perfect because so too were Darwin and Wallace surrounded by man whose brains were fertile - to some unknown degree - with Matthew's unique ideas. Therefore, in the final analysis, if Darwin and Wallace did not conceive Matthew's unique discovery, name for it, examples of it in nature, and his artificial versus natural slection analogy of differences to explain it, by some kind of 'knowledge contamination,' then they must surely have each been mysteriously endowed with a miraculous and divine cognitive contraceptive device (MAD CCD). Personally, I don't think belief in miracles has any rational place in helping us to tell the veracious history of the discovery of the theory of natural selection The probability that Darwin and Wallace lied when they each claimed to have independently discovered natural selection seems more likely than not. The New Data and a wealth of further evidence about their lies and deceit suggests Darwin and Wallace committed the world's greatest science fraud by deliberately plagiarizing Matthew's book.

Memorial to Matthew (not a grave headstone) in Carse of Gowrie. Placed by Patrick Matthew Society

Peter Symon @petersymon · May 14


Discovery by Peter Symon


Patrick Matthew of Gourdiehill buried 15 June 1874 in lair no. 184 in Errol burying ground, say Perth & Kinross Council (Burial Services).


Headstone is for brickworks owner Alexander Fraser died 1924 & buried in same lair (See: Tweet)

Dr Mike Weale thinks evidence supports his unique conclusion that the full theory of natural selection was first proposed from a premise that it was designed by supernatural intelligence - Here